Give Thanks and Donations this Holiday Season!

We’re just a week away from Thanksgiving, a holiday known for family gatherings, football games, and lots of food. More than anything, it’s a time to be reflect on our lives and feel grateful for all that we have. For many people, Thanksgiving is also a great time for giving. For some that means giving their time and serving a Thanksgiving meal at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. For others, it means donating.

At, we enjoy bringing your donations to individuals and families everywhere, and we love seeing how grateful they are. Not only are you helping these families, but all of your donations and contributions go toward helping our veterans who have fought to give us the freedom we’re so thankful for.

As you’re preparing your home to host the upcoming holiday, take a minute to go through coat closets and dressers for any jackets, sweaters, pants or shoes that you may no longer wear. As we’re getting closer to December, the weather’s getting colder. Your donations will help people prepare for winter. Same with bookshelves and your DVD rack—if you have books you’ve already read, children’s books your kids have outgrown, or movies you no longer watch, donate these items, too.

Kitchenware also makes for a good donation. As you’re preparing your Thanksgiving meal, take note of the kitchen items you no longer use or need. From cookie sheets and Pyrex pans, to pots and skillets, will be happy to help these items find a new kitchen to call home. Simply put your donations in a bag or box marked with the word “Donation.” Then, visit our website to schedule a donation pick-up time. Place the donation box outside by your mail box, and we’ll come and pick it up for you!

A BIG thank you to those who have donated to us in the past, and a thank you to those who will donate to us in the future. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

‘Tis the Season to Decorate Your Home!

We know it seems a bit early to think about Christmas decorations—it’s still October, after all—but many department stores already have their Christmas displays set up. Still, this post applies to all holiday decorations, from Jack-o-Lanterns, to decorative turkeys, to other winter holiday decorations. Often times, while we’re decorating, we realize we don’t always like the decorations we have. Maybe you really liked them when you bought the decorations a few years ago, but now your decorating taste and style has changed.

You’re left with boxes full of old pieces, so you decide to put them up anyway. The more the merrier, right? That phrase might work for some things, but the more decorations you have in your home (especially if they clash!) the more cluttered your house starts to feel. Before you know it, you’re swimming in little snowmen and Santa figurines or decorative pumpkins and witches for Halloween.

Having these excess holiday decorations lying around can make it difficult to move through your home or find things that you’re looking for. Instead of putting all decorations out, consider rotating decorations every year. This way, certain pieces aren’t left collecting dust year after year, and you also won’t overwhelm yourself, your family, and your guests with every single decoration you own.

Some decorations are too sentimental for us to not put out, such as children’s holiday art. Have a designated bulletin board in your kitchen where you can proudly display them. Keeping the art in one spot will feel more organized, and less cluttered. Some decorations, though, just no longer meet your needs. When this realization comes to you, don’t stress out. Simply put these items in a box marked with the word “donation.” Then, visit our website and schedule a donation pickup time. We’ll swing by and pick up your decorations so that someone else can make their home festive for the holidays!

It’s Time to Winterize Your Closets!

It’s officially time to clear the last of your summer-to-fall transition clothing items out of your closet.  As we move deeper into fall and closer to winter, there is an unmistakable chill that’s set in, and it’s here to stay.

When it comes to winter, many of us have different jackets and coats that are worn for different temperatures. That being said, many of these jackets are big, bulky and difficult to fit into a closet that’s already housing sweaters, pants, and other clothing items and accessories. Once you’ve neatly packed away the rest of your summer clothes, you might stare into your still full closet and wonder where to put it all.

One idea we’ve discussed before is to group like clothing items together. This allows you to keep track of the clothes you own, without letting smaller pieces get swallowed up by thick winter coats and sweaters. Another suggestion is, if you have the storage space, use certain closets for certain pieces of clothing. For example, if you have a closet right near your front door, use this for all of your winter coats and accessories, such as winter scarves, hats and gloves. This way, you’ll know exactly where these items are, saving you time as you get ready in the mornings.

Remember, not everything has to hang in your closet. Sweaters often lose their shape when they’re on hangers. Consider folding them, and then rolling them so they stay wrinkle-free. Then, put them on shelves in your closet, or in a dresser. This will, again, free up more space in your closet for bigger pieces.

You might find, after trying the organizing tips above, that you just have too many coats or jackets. Instead of throwing some away, donate them to us! We’ll make sure someone stays warm this winter with your donation. Simply fill out our online donation form, and we’ll pick it up for you.

Be ready for winter—start winterizing your closet today!

Calling all Ghosts and Goblins: Consider Donating To Us This Year!

Welcome to October, everyone! For many of you, the air is crisp and the leaves are changing and slowly falling to the ground, meaning fall is here to stay. One of the telltale signs of October is the abundant Halloween candy displays in grocery stores. Parents are out buying or making new Halloween costumes for their trick-or-treaters, and planning costume parties for their friends.

While some people will trick-or-treat for candy, will be more than happy to trick-or-treat for your donations this year. All you need to do is fill a bag or box that’s clearly marked with the word “donations.” Have Halloween costumes that your children have outgrown? Have decorations that you no longer have space to display? Donate them to us.

Thinking further ahead, some parts of the country will be experiencing winter before we know it. Take a look in closets and storage bins that contain sweaters, coats, snow pants, hats and mittens. Try these items on and see if they still fit. If they don’t, add them to your donation box or bag. Have children’s books that your own children have outgrown? Add them to the donation pile, too! We know of plenty of people who would really enjoy having these clothes or books.

Once you have your donation bag filled, go to our online donation pick-up request form. Then, leave your donations out near your mail box. We’ll swing by and pick them up, making this a rewarding and stress-free experience for you!

Don’t Let Sports Season Derail Your Home’s Organization!

Now that it’s mid-September, the dust is finally settling as the new school year is well underway. Students are getting into the routine of waking up early, absorbing knowledge at school and then returning home to finish homework. For many students, though, the routine may be interrupted by the start of something else: sports season.

This means that parents’ routines are changed too, as they spend time at work and then run home to schlepp their kids to practices and games. With all this running around, it’s easy to let home care and organization fall by the wayside. Before you know it, football cleats and cross-country jerseys are being left around the house, cluttering the very home you spent the spring and summer organizing.

But, just because your kids are out trying to win a game or a race, doesn’t mean your home organization has to lose! Having some rules in place before the start of any sports season will help keep your home neat and clutter-free.

A good idea is to have a designated laundry basket, just for your children’s jerseys, uniforms and practice clothing. Make sure after every practice they put those sweaty (and probably smelly!) clothes right in the basket. This way, they won’t be left to stink up bedrooms, and their clothes will be washed and ready when they need them next.

Another idea is to have a checklist of items you want your child to take care of. Being busy with school and sports doesn’t mean they don’t have to help out around the home. Dividing the chores will make everyone’s life easier, and it’ll keep you from getting stressed out!

Also, at the beginning of each season, have your kids try on the previous season’s athletic wear and equipment. If they’ve outgrown gym shorts, sweatshirts or cleats, contact! Place the clothing or equipment that’s too small or too short (such as hockey sticks, golf clubs or youth basketballs) in a bag marked “for donation, ” and fill out our online pickup form. We’ll come and pick up your donation, so you don’t have to make an additional trip when hurrying off to the next practice. It’s a win for everyone!