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Use the list of resources below when its time to organize your things. No matter how big or small the job is, you’ll find any one of these websites helpful.

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It's time to remove the emotional value from the items you never use and the ones that clutter up your home. Remove the clutter and get organizational advice.

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Quick Tips

Generate a Thanksgiving Menu Fast

If you’re stuck for inspiration on what to cook for your Thanksgiving feast, don’t despair. The New York Times offers a handy menu generator that offers 16 recipes at a time based upon your party’s size, cooking experience, dietary restrictions, preference in level of tradition and most importantly, the time you have left to cook. Applying the slider settings just 48 hours ahead of the feast, for example, suggests recipes for stuffing, mushroom risotto, creamed onions and brandied pumpkin pie. Get started now, and your guests will think you slaved away in the kitchen for weeks!

The Clock Is Ticking on Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is just three days away, so if you’re hosting a feast, it’s getting down to the wire to start on the menu. A frozen 12-pound turkey takes 36 hours to defrost, so that should go into the refrigerator immediately. You can also beat the crowds by shopping for perishable ingredients — fresh herbs and vegetables, salad greens, whipping cream, etc. — early in the week and during the off-peak hours, says the Food Network’s Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar. Tomorrow, you can start prepping dishes that will reheat well on the big day such as casseroles and soups.

The Wall Turns 35 This Veterans Day

In the nation’s capital, events will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this week. Ticketed events will include an evening reception honoring the designer of the Wall, Maya Lin; a breakfast discussion with Lynn Novick, who directed the PBS miniseries The Vietnam War with Ken Burns; and a keynote speech from former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. The Wall will also host its annual Veterans Day service and reading of the names. Check the Vietnam Veterans of America’s VetsConnect site for more information on these and other Veterans Day events.

Ask a Veteran to Tell Their Story

Do you know a veteran or want to get to know one better? This Veterans Day, consider participating in the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, which honors veterans by collecting and archiving their stories. The project welcomes recorded interviews, as well as materials such as letters, photos and diaries from veterans of all U.S. conflicts. You can collect a history easily using the project’s field kit, and once submitted, it will be uploaded to a Library of Congress database and committed to posterity.

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