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Use the list of resources below when its time to organize your things. No matter how big or small the job is, you’ll find any one of these websites helpful.

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It's time to remove the emotional value from the items you never use and the ones that clutter up your home. Remove the clutter and get organizational advice.

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Quick Tips

Use ‘Santa Sacks’ to Wrap Sustainably

If you have a lot of gifts to give to one or more young children, go a step beyond the stocking with a sustainable Santa Sack, Holidappy suggests. Personalize a cloth laundry bag with a tag or embroidery, and have the child put the empty sack under the tree on Christmas Eve. Then fill each sack with unwrapped gifts; in the morning, the kids can open their sacks and discover what Santa brought overnight — and you’ll save money on gift wrap and ribbon while saving time on cleanup. And if you have large or oddly shaped gifts to give, hide them and leave clues around the house for the recipients to find.

Wrap Your Christmas Gifts in Creativity

Do-it-yourselfers know that it doesn’t take a lot of money to gussy up a gift if you think outside the box, the Creative Live blog says. Try alternatives to store-bought wraps such as colorful fabric, butcher paper or paper towel rolls. Or to showcase the ubiquitous-but-boring-to-look-at gift cards, build snowglobe holders. Wrap bottles of wine in the sleeves of thrift-store sweaters. Put your gifts inside unused paint cans or tuck them into folding Chinese takeout containers. The “big reveal” of any gift is always more exciting if you can amp up the anticipation by having a little fun with the packaging.

Decorate on the Cheap With Homemade Ornaments

Decorating a large tree for the first time? You may not have enough ornaments to really fill it out. To bring it a distinctive, homey look without spending a lot of money, make your own ornaments. Try making some of the creative ornament suggestions from Woman’s Day such as mini snowglobes, glittery jingle bells or yarn-covered Christmas stars. You can also use “found” twigs to form ornaments or print whimsical family photos to hang on the tree. And you live near the ocean, all you need is a drill and some string to hang oyster or beachcombed shells on your tree.

Crafting Christmas Cards for a Personal Touch

Southern Living says you can make Christmas cards every bit as clever and stylish as those you’d find in a store, and “be able to add personal touches to each and every card.” Make French knots on a card to illustrate a string of Christmas lights or a red-nosed reindeer, for example, or use decorative holiday ribbons to form the shape of a tree. Use buttons and bows to sew a wreath onto cardstock, or use glue and felt to create a holiday scene. Now get those cards in the mail — your addressees will appreciate the thought and creativity you put in!


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