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Aug 5, 2022

Lifestyle Choices That Can Help Beat the Heat

To keep the home and yourself #cooler, a few easy options can get you started. First, don’t run appliances including the dishwasher, clothes dryer or oven during a heat wave, says Real Simple; all produce heat and can make your space warmer. Next, keep direct sunlight out with blinds and sheer drapes; you’ll also want […]
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Aug 4, 2022

Escape to Climate-Controlled Comfort

If you don’t have air conditioning or it suddenly goes on the fritz during a #heat wave, find a public space that does. Malls, stores, public libraries and cinemas are excellent places to spend a couple of hours in climate-controlled comfort. While fans and evaporative coolers offer some slight comfort by augmenting your body’s natural […]
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Aug 3, 2022

Keeping Pets Safe in Extreme Heat

Extreme #heat is especially dangerous for our animal companions, says the New York Times. Walk dogs early in the morning or after sunset when temperatures are cooler, avoid strenuous activity and seek shade. Carry water and a collapsible dish to keep your pet hydrated. If your dog slows down, let them take a break — […]
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Aug 2, 2022

Hydrate to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave

With record-setting temperatures in the Pacific Northwest set to spread throughout the Great Plains this week, it’s time to revisit a few tested strategies to beat the heat. First, keep yourself (and your pets) hydrated, FEMA says. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water and other noncaffeinated soft drinks, regardless of your activity level […]
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Jul 22, 2022

Summer Reading for the Dedicated Declutterer, Part 4

If you want to read the de facto bible of #decluttering this summer, look no further than  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Her crash course in #clutter control asks readers to use the #KonMari method quickly #declutter whole categories of goods: clothing, books, paperwork and so on. Follow the book’s guidance, […]
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Dog Days: Decluttering With Pets

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Leading Support for the Nation’s Veterans

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Celebrate National Give Something Away Day

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What We Celebrate When We Celebrate Independence Day

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