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Nov 12, 2020

Celebrate Veterans Any Day of the Year

Veterans Day was yesterday, but you can still celebrate and thank those who have served today. Drop off a dozen donuts at the local veterans organization, volunteer to help out, or write a letter to the troops. You can also clean out a closet and donate some of your extra stuff to ClothingDonations.org any day […]
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Nov 11, 2020

Ask a Veteran About Their Service

Happy Veterans Day! While in-person visits to the VA hospital may be restricted this year, you can still thank a veteran with a phone call, letter, or email. And if you know a veteran personally, today is a great day to ask them about their service, Military.com says. Ask what they did while in the […]
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Nov 10, 2020

Celebrate Veterans Day at the Proper Distance

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Veterans Day, but with COVID-19 being a risk to so many elders, you should probably do so at a comfortable distance. Some cities will still hold Veterans Day parades on Nov. 11 if you wish to don a mask and attend in person, according to Military.com; or you […]
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Mar 27, 2020

How to Sanitize Those Delivery Boxes

According to the latest information, the novel #coronavirus can stay infectious on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours. The CDC hasn’t offered any guidance on whether you should disinfect packages before they enter your home, but a spritz of bleach solution or quick wipedown never hurts. Neither food nor food packaging has caused any […]
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Mar 26, 2020

Disinfect Clothing, Textiles and Your Hamper, Too

Experts says that the novel #coronavirus lasts less than 24 hours on textiles, and doing laundry using regular soap and a hot dry cycle should #disinfect most garments effectively. You should disinfect any surfaces that the clothing came into contact with, however, including the hamper and your hands. Wash your hands with soap and water […]
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Is It Safe to Donate My Used Stuff?

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Vote to Clean House – And Help Veterans

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Donation Pickups Temporarily Halted Due to COVID-19

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Cleaning to Prevent the Coronavirus

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