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Dec 30, 2019

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Attainable

Want to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Make them attainable! EcoWatch offers a host of health-conscious suggestions, including eating more unprocessed foods, getting more sleep, cutting down on alcohol, visiting a doctor for a checkup and — perhaps easiest of all — taking a vacation. These resolutions are so simple and sustainable that most people […]
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Dec 20, 2019

Gifts That Can Help Conquer the Clutter

Whether it’s the desk, drawer or dorm room, there is probably an accouterment designed to help people organize it. Simplemost has gift ideas to help organize tea bags, box lunches, batteries, toys, scarves, closets and more. The Container Store offers every kind of bin and box imaginable for room-by-room organization. But the last word on […]
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Dec 19, 2019

Gifts That Help You Know Where Things Go

Half of staying organized is knowing where everything is supposed to go. To that end, blogger Abby Lawson suggests getting a labelmaker (or two) to print labels for stacking bins, kitchen canisters, file folders and other dedicated spaces. For small labels, Dymo and Brother make a number of easy-to-use, inexpensive sticky-tape systems, while larger printers […]
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Dec 18, 2019

Ordering Gifts That Encourage Organization Online

There’s still time to buy gifts for the neat-freak on your list online, even if you prefer to pay nothing for shipping. PopSugar suggests wire racks to keep the fridge more organized, a tiny vacuum cleaner for your computer keyboard, and a variety of hampers and organizers for clothing and shoes. Storage jars can help […]
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Dec 17, 2019

Give Gifts That Aid in Organization

Things that exist to contain other things make great gifts for people who like to stay — or need to get — organized. The Cheapism blog suggests giving organizers to help friends and family members better sort and store their electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, purses and papers. Bins and baskets provide catch-all storage for like items […]
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Presidents Day Sale

So You Shopped the President’s Day Sales

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couple organizes garage

When Opposites Attract… Clutter

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Cleaning Checklist

Don’t Stress About Cleaning — Streamline Instead

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Holiday Storage

Store the Holidays Away Sensibly

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