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Jul 6, 2017

Beat the Summer Heat

The dog days of summer are now in full swing, and it’s going to be tough to keep your cool outside of air-conditioned environments. Reader’s Digest offers a number of tricks to help stay cool through the summer heat, including making a refreshing peppermint tea mist and chilling your bed linens. Above all, stay hydrated […]
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Jul 5, 2017

Clean the Grill Before Your Next Cookout

With the Fourth of July safely over, you’ll want to clean that dirty grill to keep your food from sticking and picking up unwanted flavors. Start with a grill that’s still warm, Kitchn advises, then disconnect the gas line and scrub the grates, barriers and flame shields with a wire brush and warm soapy water. […]
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Jul 4, 2017

Help Vets Enjoy the Parade

Make saluting those who have served part of your Independence Day routine by cheering on the local veterans who are marching in today’s parades and other observances. And when the color guard starts the parade today, adds the Magnolia School of Etiquette, show your respect for the flag by placing your hand over your heart […]
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Jul 3, 2017

More Fireworks Safety Tips

Some 40 per cent of the injuries caused by fireworks each year arise from the improper handling of firecrackers and sparklers, according to the National Council on Fireworks Safety (CPSC) so it isn’t only big and/or illegal fireworks that can cause harm. Never allow young children to ignite fireworks, the council says. Light fireworks on the […]
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Jun 23, 2017

Road Trip Tips: Keeping the Car Clean

If you’re taking a road trip this summer, Real Simple has a few tips to keep your ride clean. First, start with a clean car; if you wash and vacuum it ahead of the trip, it will set expectations for passengers. Have plenty of cleansing wipes and small bags on hand for in-car cleanup. Set […]
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Giving Up Clutter for Lent and Life

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Sports Fandom and Clothing Donations

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Revisit Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Bringing Warmth to the Winter Home

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