Another Task for Your Holiday To-Do List

holiday donation

As the holidays kick off in earnest, you’ll have a host of tasks to deal with: Decking out your home, inside and outside, in a manner appropriate to the season. Buying gifts for the many family members, friends and colleagues on your list. Baking holiday cookies and other culinary delights. Somehow making time for that office party or Nutcracker.

There’s another holiday task that can help bring cheer to any number of people you may not know personally, though: Boxing up lightly used clothing items and household goods and donating them to area thrift stores via

The benefits of a donation are threefold. First, your donations will help provide people with the things they need for their own holiday festivities. While that sweater, dress or small appliance might no longer be of much use to you, it might represent a real “find” for another person who’s out browsing in search of a perfect outfit or gift.

Next, you’ll declutter your home for the holidays. Are your closets and crawlspaces crammed with clothing and goods you haven’t used in months? Chances are that when you go looking for that wreath or string of lights, you’ll find box after box of stuff you just don’t need. Pull it out and call You’ll create space for the new stuff you’re going to get this season, and impress your guests with a clean, organized home.

And finally, the proceeds from your donations will go toward programs that make the season a little brighter for the nation’s veterans. Programs that help house, clothe, feed and celebrate the men and women who have fought to keep the nation free depend on these funds, and many veterans will have a happier holiday thanks to your donations.

’Tis the season for giving, so as you dust off those decorations and ready your home for the holidays, don’t forget the veterans. Call and spread the cheer!



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