Don’t Let Sports Season Derail Your Home’s Organization!

Now that it’s mid-September, the dust is finally settling as the new school year is well underway. Students are getting into the routine of waking up early, absorbing knowledge at school and then returning home to finish homework. For many students, though, the routine may be interrupted by the start of something else: sports season.

This means that parents’ routines are changed too, as they spend time at work and then run home to schlepp their kids to practices and games. With all this running around, it’s easy to let home care and organization fall by the wayside. Before you know it, football cleats and cross-country jerseys are being left around the house, cluttering the very home you spent the spring and summer organizing.

But, just because your kids are out trying to win a game or a race, doesn’t mean your home organization has to lose! Having some rules in place before the start of any sports season will help keep your home neat and clutter-free.

A good idea is to have a designated laundry basket, just for your children’s jerseys, uniforms and practice clothing. Make sure after every practice they put those sweaty (and probably smelly!) clothes right in the basket. This way, they won’t be left to stink up bedrooms, and their clothes will be washed and ready when they need them next.

Another idea is to have a checklist of items you want your child to take care of. Being busy with school and sports doesn’t mean they don’t have to help out around the home. Dividing the chores will make everyone’s life easier, and it’ll keep you from getting stressed out!

Also, at the beginning of each season, have your kids try on the previous season’s athletic wear and equipment. If they’ve outgrown gym shorts, sweatshirts or cleats, contact! Place the clothing or equipment that’s too small or too short (such as hockey sticks, golf clubs or youth basketballs) in a bag marked “for donation, ” and fill out our online pickup form. We’ll come and pick up your donation, so you don’t have to make an additional trip when hurrying off to the next practice. It’s a win for everyone!



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