Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day—Keep it Organized!

With the first month of the new year coming to a close, are you finding yourself struggling to keep your resolution of maintaining an organized home? We hear you, we do! Just when you thought the holiday madness was over, and it would be easier to keep your house clean, Valentine’s Day crops up, right around the corner. While this is a time to buy your partner flowers or chocolates, help your children make valentines for school, or simply pamper yourself, it’s also a perfect time to show some love to your home!

Much like some couples renew their wedding vows, it might be time for you to renew your clean-home resolution. Remember that by keeping your home organized throughout the year, you will have less cleanup to do on an ongoing basis. The time it takes to pick up your clothes and hang them at the end of the day is nothing compared to the deep-cleaning that’s necessary when you don’t keep things tidy.

Keeping your home organized doesn’t have to be all work and no play, though. You can try to make a game out of cleaning, by sharing these activities with your family. Consider having a competition to see who can pick up the room the fastest. Not only does this keep you from doing all the work yourself, but setting a timer will help you all clean up faster. Plus, the most competitive among us look forward to any kind of challenge!

Since it will soon be Valentine’s Day, give your home (and yourself!) a present to motivate you to keep your home organized. This could be a new picture frame or lamp to decorate your living room, a new dresser for your bedroom, or some other piece of home decor you’ve been wanting. Treating yourself (within reason!) is a great way to keep moving you toward the clean, organized home of your dreams.

Of course, when you buy new additions for your home, don’t keep those old items lying around your home. If you’re replacing a dresser, home decor or clothes from your closet, donate them to! Schedule a time for us to pick up your donations, put your donation goods in a bag or box marked “for donation, ” and we’ll swing by to take care of the rest.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your home! 



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