How to Bring Your Living Room Back to Life

Create a beautiful living room

If you feel that it’s finally time to make some changes in your living room, it’s important to find a look that fits both your taste and lifestyle, before investing in new furniture and decorative touches.

Our how-to guide will help you turn your living room into the cozy oasis it should be:

Inspiration: Check out magazines and websites, such as House Beautiful. You can also create a board on Pinterest and pin your favorite pieces of furniture and living room ideas. After you’ve decided on the look you’re going for, pick a color scheme that you like, these eight tips from HGTV can help.

Furniture: If you’re on a budget, start with just the essentials; think about which pieces need to be replaced right away and which things you can make do with for a little while.Before heading to the store or ordering online, take measurements of your living room area and take note of how your living room is shaped. Additionally, be realistic about your lifestyle, for example if you have little children who eat or drink in the living room, the white couch you’ve been coveting may not be the best fit for your home. As you start buying new furniture donate the items that you’ve replaced, rather than filling up your storage space with old stuff.

Decorating: Resist the urge to fill up empty space with generic pieces. Buy some new frames that complement  the color scheme you’ve chosen. If you have mementos that you would like to show off, find shelving that goes well with the colors and style you’ve chosen. Rue Magazine shows you how to display your possessions in a stylish way that doesn’t look cluttered, here’s a good example: decorating tip. After you’ve decorated, you will likely find that there are things you chose not to show off and unless they are family heirlooms, you may want to donate those discarded items along with the old furniture.

Have fun furnishing and decorating! If you have leftover furniture and other things that you want to get rid of, be sure to schedule a pickup. When you’re finished making over your living room, share your photos with us on our Facebook page!

Written by: Natalie Martin



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