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Apr 2, 2024

Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse Safely

A rare celestial event is coming April 8. The moon will pass between the earth and the sun, blocking light from reaching earth and producing a solar eclipse that will be visible from Arizona to Maine. It’s the second total solar eclipse that has been viewable in the U.S. in less than 10 years, and […]
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Mar 19, 2024

Make Spring a Time of Personal Renewal

Spring — at least in places with relatively well-defined seasons — is a time of renewal. In the northern climates, crocuses and daffodils are already popping up, the trees are budding, and birds are chirping. Warm weather won’t be far behind. As nature wakes from its winter slumber, people often start to emerge from their […]
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Mar 5, 2024

Breaking With the Decluttering Trends

We at The Organizing Blog like to think that we’re a respected authority in the #decluttering knowledge space, continually lending tips and strategies to get your home and life in order while #donating the things you don’t need to a worthy cause. We weren’t the first on the scene, of course, and we won’t be […]
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Feb 20, 2024

Giving Up Clutter for Lent and Life

Lent is a Christian observance commemorating the 40 days that Jesus Christ spent fasting in the desert before beginning his public ministry. Those who observe the period typically mark it with prayer, fasting and personal sacrifice. A Lenten sacrifice is a spiritually motivated, voluntary renunciation of a pleasure or luxury. Common modern-day Lenten sacrifices include […]
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Feb 6, 2024

Sports Fandom and Clothing Donations

This weekend, Super Bowl LVIII will kick off in Las Vegas, pitting the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs against the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. Whichever team takes the prize, it will almost certainly be a drag-out contest punctuated by multimillion-dollar ads, star-studded halftime entertainment and celebrity cameos. Throughout the season, sports fans spend a […]
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Congrats to the Dads & Grads

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In Search of a Clutter-Free Summer

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How to Organize a Great Garden

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Use May Day to Create Work/Life Balance

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