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Presidents Day Sale

Feb 18, 2020

So You Shopped the President’s Day Sales

Happy President’s Day! We at the Organizing Blog know that we’re a little late in telling you this, but since retailers were trotting out the deals over the long weekend, you may have celebrated your day off shopping for mattresses, furniture or other household goods. Having recently moved in to a new home, we did […]
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couple organizes garage

Feb 4, 2020

When Opposites Attract… Clutter

Whether you find yourself attached, dating or happily single this season, everyone will admit that opposites sometimes do attract. No two people are exactly alike, and as much as they might have in common, they may differ substantially in a couple of areas. Astrological horoscopes promise to match people based on the broad tendencies ascribed […]
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Cleaning Checklist

Jan 21, 2020

Don’t Stress About Cleaning — Streamline Instead

Lots of people put off their household cleaning tasks because there are other, more fun things they could be doing. Chores are the work you do voluntarily, and they are often more fun to see completed than they are to do. With busy schedules, it’s hard to find the time to clean, much less the […]
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Holiday Storage

Jan 7, 2020

Store the Holidays Away Sensibly

Even the most diehard #holiday celebrators will admit that it’s finally time to take down the tree, wind up the lights and box up the tchotchkes for most of the year ahead. They’ve communicated your holiday cheer dutifully for several weeks, and it’s time to give them a rest. A little ingenuity will help you […]
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Relaxing Holiday

Dec 24, 2019

How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday

By the time you read this, the year’s extraordinarily short #holiday shopping season will be nearly over. If you haven’t completed your shopping by now, you’ll have to pay for overnight shipping or brave the last-minute crowds at an old-school retail store. As the clock winds down, you may also have meals to prepare and […]
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Managing a Move During the Pandemic

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Observing Vietnam Veterans Day Safely

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Keeping the Spring Travel Bug at Bay

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The Difference Between Decluttering and Storage

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