Ask a Veteran About Their Service

Happy Veterans Day! While in-person visits to the VA hospital may be restricted this year, you can still thank a veteran with a phone call, letter, or email. And if you know a veteran personally, today is a great day to ask them about their service, says. Ask what they did while in the service, how long they served, and what their favorite memories were from that time. If the veteran you know saw combat, however, be aware that some questions may bring back bad memories — be supportive, not intrusive.

Kids Can Help Celebrate Veterans Day

Veterans Day is Saturday, Nov. 11, and schoolchildren can honor veterans as they learn through a variety of activities, says Kids Thank a Veteran. Ask kids to write a letter to a veteran of Vietnam or another conflict, or invite a veteran to speak about their service at a school or event. Assemble a care package for a current service member, or plan a field trip to a VA nursing home or hospital, the site suggests; active troops and aging veterans alike will appreciate the consideration.