Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day—Keep it Organized!

With the first month of the new year coming to a close, are you finding yourself struggling to keep your resolution of maintaining an organized home? We hear you, we do! Just when you thought the holiday madness was over, and it would be easier to keep your house clean, Valentine’s Day crops up, right around the corner. While this is a time to buy your partner flowers or chocolates, help your children make valentines for school, or simply pamper yourself, it’s also a perfect time to show some love to your home!

Much like some couples renew their wedding vows, it might be time for you to renew your clean-home resolution. Remember that by keeping your home organized throughout the year, you will have less cleanup to do on an ongoing basis. The time it takes to pick up your clothes and hang them at the end of the day is nothing compared to the deep-cleaning that’s necessary when you don’t keep things tidy.

Keeping your home organized doesn’t have to be all work and no play, though. You can try to make a game out of cleaning, by sharing these activities with your family. Consider having a competition to see who can pick up the room the fastest. Not only does this keep you from doing all the work yourself, but setting a timer will help you all clean up faster. Plus, the most competitive among us look forward to any kind of challenge!

Since it will soon be Valentine’s Day, give your home (and yourself!) a present to motivate you to keep your home organized. This could be a new picture frame or lamp to decorate your living room, a new dresser for your bedroom, or some other piece of home decor you’ve been wanting. Treating yourself (within reason!) is a great way to keep moving you toward the clean, organized home of your dreams.

Of course, when you buy new additions for your home, don’t keep those old items lying around your home. If you’re replacing a dresser, home decor or clothes from your closet, donate them to! Schedule a time for us to pick up your donations, put your donation goods in a bag or box marked “for donation, ” and we’ll swing by to take care of the rest.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your home! 

Taming Your Closet—Keep it Organized All Winter Long!

We’re reaching the end of January, and we know what you’re all thinking: is it spring, yet? With the east coast just digging out from the snowstorm of the century, the answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. If you’re getting tired of putting on three or more layers each time you want to leave the house, we feel your pain.

If you’re tired of trying to shove all of those layers back into your closet, you’re not alone. When we talked about preparing for winter, we emphasized the importance of having a system to keep your winter gear as organized as possible. Now that we’re in the midst of winter, you might have found it easier to just toss coats and boots every which way instead of putting them away.

We found a Huffington Post article that really helps reinforce the idea of closet organization. If you feel your sanity slipping away at the expense of your unorganized closet, don’t fear. Browse these ideas and solutions in Korinne Kubena Belock’s article “6 Creative Tips for Organizing All That Winter Gear, ” where she offers creative solutions for trying to optimize space in your closet this winter!

One suggestion: organize items with bins. Bins can be stacked on top of each other on the ground, or they can sit side by side on shelves. Having certain items in a specific bin will make it easier to find gloves or hats when you’re in a rush to leave the house. It’ll also keep clutter away, which will keep your home clean and stress-free!

Another solution Belock offers is to use an over-the-door shoe hanger. While this might not be exactly right for your winter and fall boots, it can be a great solution for storing ballet flat-styled shoes, slippers, running shoes, high heels, and more. Keeping your shoes off the floor or off your shelves frees up space for you to either walk into your closet, or use shelving for sweaters, coats, and more. Plus, having your shoes put away will keep you from tripping over them because they won’t be lying around the house!

When you’re going through and organizing your bins, or placing shoes in your new shoe hanger, keep an eye out for gently-used clothing, jewelry, shoes, and winter gear that you haven’t worn in months or years. If you get the sense that you’ll never these items again, it might be time to donate them! will be happy to come by your home and pick your donation up for you. What’s even better is that your donation will help fund our veterans programs!

Have winter closet organizing tips of your own? We want to hear from you—share your closet cleaning secrets with us!