Make Lighting Spooky for Halloween

If you’re decorating for Halloween on a budget, consider the lighting, Today says. Create a spooky atmosphere with candles, a green or black-light bulb, or mini lights strung strategically on your prop skeleton or scarecrow. Successful decorating schemes often follow a theme (classics include zombie, werewolf, witch and mummy) and include only a few large items. Add a little yellow caution tape, a few plastic skulls and a plastic tombstone, and you’ll be set! If you like the way your display turns out, pack it neatly away next week and build upon it next year. #HalloweenDecorating

Decorate for Halloween on the Cheap

Giving away candy and hosting a #Halloween party can get expensive. But it’s easy to #decorate on the cheap with a little creativity and a few hacks. Depending on your guests, you can make a pumpkin do double duty as a candy bowl or wine bucket, HGTV says. Household items can be repurposed quickly, too: Make bloodshot eyes out of Ping Pong balls and spider webs out of rope. Cut a bunch of bats out of black construction paper, or cover everything in fake spider webs and plastic spiders from the dollar store. Let the Halloween spirit(s) move you — without spending too much. #HalloweenDecorating

Stylish Halloween Decorating Ideas

If your #Halloween #decorating goal is more stylish than scary, try a few of Good Housekeeping’s 75 DIY ideas. Leave bottles of magic potions around or make your chairs into tombstones. Weave a wreath of rubber snakes or create a pumpkin diorama. Make a gallery wall of haunted black-and white photos or create a bubbling witch’s cauldron out of a beverage tub and some dry ice. Look for inspiration and supplies at the thrift stores supplied by your generous #donations to, and you can #help a #veteran while you celebrate or pass out candy. #HalloweenDecorating

Hollywood Hacks for Halloween Decorating

If you need to #decorate for #Halloween quickly and cheaply, follow the advice of Hollywood set designers, says A celebrity theme can help focus your creativity, one designer says. Scarecrows are easy and cheap to make from old clothes and straw, and latex gloves make great dismembered hands. When in doubt, douse all of your holiday props with fake blood or the liquid from inside a glow stick. “By using what you have in your closet, garage and the kid’s old toys, you can have a professional-looking haunted Halloween for very little money,” says art director and set designer Stacy Nelson. #HalloweenDecorating

Minimalism Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Think #minimalism is stark or boring? Think again! When you can eliminate household décor items that aren’t meaningful or beautiful, you get a home that holds things that are of true significance to your life, Becoming Minimalist says. Photos, artwork, natural elements and travel souvenirs will create more warmth and interest than store-bought tchotchkes because they inspire memories and associations. Take a hard look at your spaces and #declutter and #donate anything that’s only there to take up space or doesn’t have a deeper meaning to yourself and your family.