Entertaining Super Bowl Party Activities

The big game doesn’t have to be the only game on Super Bowl Sunday, Country Living says. If you’re hosting, you can offer a variety of fun party activities that will keep people entertained even if the game turns out to be a dud. Try Super Bowl bingo cards that feature entries for all of the expensive ads, a football target toss, a football trivia challenge or a tabletop “flick” football game, the site suggests. Or — weather permitting — pump up the pigskin and grab a few friends for a quick game of flag football to burn off some of those snacks!

Keep the Super Bowl Interesting With a Party Game

If you want to get even the guests who don’t like or understand football involved on game day, try adding an activity to your Super Bowl party. If the crowd is large enough, you can start a friendly football pool, The Spruce suggests, or a game of Super Bowl Bingo, which will entice guests to mark their cards when they see a team mascot, a face-painted fan or Gisele Bündchen onscreen with novelty prizes. For the younger set, try a football-themed scavenger hunt — not only will it be fun for the kids, but it will also keep them busy while the adults watch the game.

Super Bowl Snacks for the Vegetarian Viewer

Buffalo wings may be the quintessential nosh for a Super Bowl party, but not for the vegetarians in the crowd, who are getting more numerous every day. Good news: There are plenty of decadent gametime snacks that don’t require meat. Vegetarian chili may the most obvious offering; try a hearty slow-cooked version with sweet potatoes, Real Simple suggests. Guacamole, hummus, and baked artichoke-and-spinach dips can also satisfy the meat-free masses at your (non-excessive) celebration, as can home-baked soft pretzels and Portobello pizzas.

Watching the Super Bowl for the Ads Alone

The ads are the main attraction for many media-savvy Super Bowl viewers — especially if their favorite team didn’t make the cut this year. Brands will shell out $4 million to reach the biggest television audience of the year with a single 30-second spot. Watch for Anheuser Busch’s Clydesdales to trot out an ecofriendly message, former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar killing it with Olay skin products, and rapper Lil’ Jon pouring one out for Pepsi. Good news for the clutter-free: Other than the big car companies, few advertisers will try to tempt viewers to buy actual stuff.

The Super Bowl Is Really About the Snacks

Super Bowl LIII kicks off on Sunday, pitting the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams. No matter which team you root for, the Super Bowl is no longer just about the game — there are brand-new, multimillion-dollar ads and a star-studded halftime show to watch, plus snacks. If you’re hosting the festivities this year and don’t want to spend the entire day in the kitchen, check out the easy game-day recipes at Buzzfeed and Real Simple. Even the most rabid fans attending your party aren’t going to argue with nachos, guacamole, meatball sliders and five-alarm chili.