E-Commerce and Clutter

A Super Bowl ad for e-commerce giant Rakuten debuted Sunday, featuring Alicia Silverstone revisiting her star turn as Cher in the 1995 rom-com Clueless. Focusing on fashion, the spot shows her getting cash back on her many #clothing purchases. While Cher is able to magically #organize her wardrobe by color and cut using a giant motorized turnstile, the rest of us aren’t so lucky. If your #closets are #cluttered with unfortunate purchase decisions and sizes you no longer fit into, stop living in the past! Take an hour to sort out those garments that are only taking up valuable space — and contact ClothingDonations.org for a convenient #donation #pickup. #SuperBowlAds

Breaking Through the Clutter

Breaking through the #clutter is the name of the game for a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ad. And this year, a surprising number of big-name advertisers engaged big-name stars to shill for their products, with appearances from the likes of Serena Williams, Adam Driver, Sly Stallone, Dave Grohl and Ozzy Osbourne. You don’t have to be a star to eliminate clutter, however; just bag up the lightly used clothing, sporting goods and other consumer products you no longer want or need and contact ClothingDonations.org for a free #donation #pickup. We don’t have a big budget, but we’re the MVPs of helping getting #organized and helping #veterans. #SuperBowlAds

Doritos for Valentine’s Day?

Pop rapper Jack Harlow starred in a Doritos ad unveiled during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, revealing that he is in a “love triangle” with the savory tricornered snack and Missy Elliot. After evangelizing triangular themes on stage, Harlow is shocked to discover that superstar Elton John has taken Triangle Player of the Year at a Grammy-style awards show. Whatever your snack of choice, The #Organizing Blog wishes readers a Happy Valentine’s Day and reminds you that giving thoughtful, easily consumed gifts — chocolates, wine, coffee and yes, even tortilla chips — won’t create #clutter in your paramour’s home. #SuperBowlAds

Super Bowl Ads Won’t Tell You Not to Shop

On the pro-consumerism side of the Super Bowl ads was Squarespace’s ode to small business, starring Zendaya as Sally, who went from selling seashells by the seashore to being a seashell-themed lifestyle brand thanks to online sales. Equally #stuff-friendly is the ad for cash-back shopping app Rakuten, which depicts a poker player betting personal belongings such as a vacuum cleaner and TV instead of poker chips. Nobody should buy more #stuff than they need just to get cash back, of course, so even if you like to shop, spend wisely and use the #declutterer’s rule of thumb: Eliminate two items for every new thing you bring in.

Make an Investment in Decluttering

Cryptocurrency came of age during Super Bowl LVI, with no less than four different trading platforms vying for investment dollars with some of the most expensive television airtime available. While crypto isn’t exactly #ecofriendly, its virtual nature means that it will never #clutter up the house like an extra pair of shoes or kitchen gadget. Advertising Age rated a spot starring irascible cynic Larry David for FTX the best of the category, and while The Organizing Blog will never offer investment advice, we will say that we’re never wrong about the importance of #decluttering.