The Health Benefits of a Clutter-Free Home

#Decluttering can help you protect your health during the #coronavirus #pandemic, says HealthFirst. It can improve your focus if you’re attempting to work from home, as well as lower the stress and anxiety that coping with a pandemic can produce (and the boredom of being at home). What’s more, decluttering, #organizing and #cleaning can help eliminate allergens, improve sleep and even provide some low-impact exercise. And if you give what you don’t need to, you can feel good that your extra stuff went toward a good cause.

Declutter to Take Control of Your Quarantine

Spending more time at home doesn’t automatically result in a #cleaner, more #organized space. You’ll have to #declutter more often to stay on top of all the accumulated #WFH materials, school work, clothing and foodstuffs that you ordinarily might buy or use outside the home. Fortunately, is still offering free, contactless #donation pickups just like it did pre-pandemic. Start weeding through the things that you don’t need, don’t want or don’t fit to get control of your #COVID bubble today.

Gifts That Help You Know Where Things Go

Half of staying organized is knowing where everything is supposed to go. To that end, blogger Abby Lawson suggests getting a labelmaker (or two) to print labels for stacking bins, kitchen canisters, file folders and other dedicated spaces. For small labels, Dymo and Brother make a number of easy-to-use, inexpensive sticky-tape systems, while larger printers offer the ability to print on clear plastic or vinyl. They make a great holiday gift for the accomplished neat freak — or anyone who aspires to get their stuff more organized in the new year.

Ordering Gifts That Encourage Organization Online

There’s still time to buy gifts for the neat-freak on your list online, even if you prefer to pay nothing for shipping. PopSugar suggests wire racks to keep the fridge more organized, a tiny vacuum cleaner for your computer keyboard, and a variety of hampers and organizers for clothing and shoes. Storage jars can help keep bulk goods fresh and easy to locate in the kitchen and pantry, while canvas totes can help sort out toiletries for people on the go. And if keeping jewelry or cosmetics organized and at the ready is a challenge, the site offers a number of catch-all dishes, trays and figural storage options.

Marie Kon-Don’t #4: Don’t (Necessarily) Get Rid of Books

While the KonMari Method recommends eliminating anything that doesn’t “spark joy” in one’s life, it doesn’t necessarily advocate getting rid of all one’s books, IndieWire says. Marie Kondo limits herself to 30, but tells would-be declutterers to discover what they value in their lives — and if it’s lots of books, so be it. “If the image of having only a few books makes you angry, that should tell you how passionate you are about books,” she says. “That, in itself, is a very important benefit of this process.” On the other hand, “if you’re retaining so many that you’re not reading, you might have to let go of some.”