Make an Impact on National Give Something Away Day

National Give Something Away Day — celebrated each year on July 15 — was created as a reminder for people to give back. How you choose to give can take multiple forms, but selfless acts are their own reward.

Many people have much more than what’s necessary to survive, but know that there are people in need nearby. National Give Something Away Day encourages us to take stock of the #things and comforts around us and share them with others.

What you give and to whom is entirely up to you. You might give a friend an old #tchotchke they’ve long admired or a bouquet of flowers. You might buy the person behind you in line a coffee or a sandwich. No gift is too small.

You can also choose #donate the gift of time to a local charity or organization by #volunteering. Perhaps there’s a food pantry or outreach organization that could use your help and specialized knowledge.

One fantastic way to celebrate National Give Something Away Day is to #clean out your #closets and other #storage areas to weed out the #stuff you no longer need. If whatever you find is in wearable or working condition, chances are that somebody else can use it.

Start with a single #closet or room. Sort through all of the #clothing, #books, #decorations and other #household items to see what has a place, setting aside anything that doesn’t fit or only creates #clutter. You’ll probably see the piles build up fast!

Put that #junk into #bags and #boxes and contact to schedule a #free #donation #pickup. Not only will you be giving something away and reclaiming #space, you’ll be #helping to fund programs that benefit the nation’s #veterans.

You can observe National Give Something Away Day on any day of the year, of course. But its reminder to give is one that yields benefits for everyone involved. #NationalGiveSomethingAwayDay

Take Advantage of the Independence Day Sales

Fourth of July is a good excuse for the nation’s retailers to put their most #summery merchandise on sale — and most of those sales will continue through the extra-long weekend. Big retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Lowe’s and REI are slashing prices on grills, outdoor furniture and camping gear, CBS News reports. The Organizing Blog doesn’t advocate unnecessary spending or accumulating lots of #stuff, but if you need something and find a great price, treat yourself! Otherwise, look to #recycle and #reuse whenever possible by donating the things you don’t need to #FourthOfJuly #IndependenceDay

Happy Fourth of July From!

The Fourth of July commemorates the day the Continental Congress approved the final wording of the new nation’s Declaration of Independence in 1776, according to Constitution Facts. The date was also printed on the official handwritten copy ratified in August 1776 and the printed facsimiles that were circulated throughout the United States. But the landmark document proved controversial, and Independence Day #celebrations were rare until founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died within hours of each other July 4, 1826. It wasn’t until 1870 that Congress finally declared July 4 to be a national holiday. wishes you a safe and happy Fourth of July on the nation’s 248th Birthday! #FourthOfJuly #IndependenceDay

Decorating for the Fourth Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

It’s easy to decorate for the Fourth of July #celebration without spending a lot of #money, says Fun, Cheap or Free. Paper chains, balloons and bunting; bouquets of dyed carnations; and other inexpensive red, white and blue decorations from the discount or #thrift store can contribute to the festive atmosphere. Fly the flag, wear #patriotic colors and feature red, white and blue foods at your cookout such as cupcakes with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries — or just stock up on #American #flag toothpicks for your sandwiches and burgers. As night falls, settle in and enjoy the #fireworks. #FourthOfJuly #IndependenceDay

Congrats to the Dads & Grads

June is the month of #dads and #grads. Different accomplishments, yes — but the two events can get you #celebrating all month long.

Father’s Day is straightforward enough: You #thank dear old dad for helping raise the family. That may involve cooking a favorite meal, taking him to a game or concert, or any number of other gestures to show how much you appreciate him.

Grads are a little more complicated. You want to mark the milestone and give them a good sendoff if they’re heading to college. This often involves the ceremony, a big potluck, friends and family from various eras of their young lives, and more.

Good #gifts include anything they will need as they move toward independence with nominal life skills: air fryers, a decent set of sheets, maybe a new laptop. And just as practical, Oprah Daily says, are gift cards and cash they can spend on meals and other supplies.

If you really want to go overboard for a college-bound teen, the latest celebration idea is a college reveal party, TLC says. While are a bit controversial, the new trend often includes parties decorated in college colors, “reveal” photoshoots and mailed announcements.

New graduates should take a few days during the summer to #declutter the #stuff that has amassed over the first 18 years of their lives, Making My Way says: “You obviously can’t bring everything to college, and storing everything is just too much of a hassle.”

Want to cut the #clutter and pad your teen’s pockets before sending them off to an expensive trade school, college or university? Ask them to #organize, #declutter, and sell their excess #junk at a #garage or #yard #sale. They can keep the cash to fund the first year.

Dads can benefit from a good #decluttering, too. They usually have even more years’ worth of accumulated #stuff they can afford to part with, and some of them may be getting older and need to #downsize.

You can always #donate that extra #stuff to — and that donation will help fund valuable #veterans programs. Best wishes to the dads and grads this month!