How to Host a Clothing Swap Party

Maybe you have clothes that are too tight, too loose, look great on the hanger, but just not right on, or maybe something you once loved has lost its appeal. Whatever the reason for the overabundance of clothes, someone else might like your discarded items.

Here’s how a clothing swap party works:

  1. Gather clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year and that are still in good condition. You can include accessories in the swap as well!
  2. Invite a group of friends and decide on how many items you would like each person to bring. You can create an event page on Facebook, which will allow you to easily communicate with your guests and you can keep track of who plans to attend. Ask everyone to bring a snack to share and it’s a good idea to recommend foods that can be eaten one-handed and things that aren’t likely to stain.
  3. Create some order and have your friends take turns, or there’s the risk of everyone lunging for the same pair of jeans and that could get ugly. Real Simple has some great suggestions for how to keep everyone in line.
  4. Ideally you will want to set up a changing area with at least one mirror.
  5. After everyone has made their claims you can donate the leftovers.

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By:  Natalie Martin


Indy Hall Clothing Swap April 2013 by Kara LaFleur is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0