Back-to-School Shopping Hacks

Try some #shopping #hacks to ensure you don’t break the bank on back-to-school shopping, says the Krazy Koupon Lady. Shop on Sundays and Mondays so your preferred stores don’t run out of supplies; look for manufacturer coupons on things like pens and Post-its; check the local dollar store for basics; and download store and shopping apps to track the sales. If you’re shopping someplace new, many loyalty programs offer a percent-off deal to incentivize the initial purchase online or in person, the site says, and you may be able to apply credit card and loyalty rewards dollars to your purchases, too. #BackToSchool

Shopping the Back-to-School Sales

Back-to-school season is a lot like the holiday shopping season, with stores competing to provide the best deals on clothing, electronics, computers, backpacks and more. TechRadar offers a comprehensive list of the latest price cuts on everything a student might need before school starts again, including small appliances and furnishings ideal for the dorm room. It’s one of the best times of year to buy a new computer, printer, tablet or smartwatch, so even if you graduated years ago, you can shop the #deals now through the end of August and well into September. #BackToSchool

Back-to-School Spending Set to Break Records

The National Retail Federation says back-to-school shopping will break records again this year, according to Forbes Advisor, at least in part due to price inflation. K–12 spending is expected to average $890 per student, up from $864 in 2022, and college students are expected to spend $1,367 each, surpassing last year’s $1,199. Fortunately for shoppers, several states are holding tax holidays during back-to-school season. If your state isn’t among them, big-box stores such as Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club are marking down essentials, and Amazon is offering 20% off school supplies. #BackToSchool

Start the School Year Clutter-Free

It’s back-to-school time, and if you are a parent of a student or a student yourself, you know that the sudden influx of homework, books and other supplies makes it a challenge to stay #organized and on top of tasks. But several strategies can help manage all that #stuff better while keeping track of assignments, due dates and extracurricular activities.

Parents can help young students stay #organized by streamlining the household environment. Invest in a chore chart, white board and academic planner, Good Housekeeping suggests. And to keep clothing, books, shoes and other items from getting #disorganized, get as many shelves, bins and cubbies as you need and label them.

A homework station is a good idea for students of all ages — and WFH parents, too. You’ll need a rolling cart, plastic storage baskets, a dry-erase calendar and a desk, Woman’s Day says. Post a calendar, a daily schedule and a pegboard organizer or bulletin board nearby, and it will be easier to keep track of tasks and needed supplies.

Teens who build good habits in school will keep them their whole lives. Student empowerment specialist Daniel Wong offers 30 tips on using routines to stay focused, get homework done on time and still have time to relax with family and friends.

One is to #declutter one’s #workspace on a weekly basis. “Look through all the papers, notes, brochures, and other things you’ve accumulated,” Wong says. “Recycle or throw away all the things you don’t need. Clutter attracts clutter, so if you declutter once a week, you’ll be more likely to stay organized in general.”

#Thrift stores supplied by #donations of clothing and goods to are a great place to look for lightly used organizers, baskets and bins. You might even find a good selection of stylish #clothing that growing students can wear to #school at prices that won’t break the bank.

And if you find anything your students won’t be needing in the as they move ahead in school — disused sporting goods, books, outgrown clothing, etc. — contact to schedule a free, contactless #donation #pickup. Here’s to a happy, healthy school year!

Building the Back-to-School Spirit Amid Uncertainty

This year’s back-to-school to-do lists likely include more than equipping the kids with new clothes, crayons and backpacks. #COVID-19 — and in particular, its highly contagious #Delta variant — has brought new uncertainties to reentry.

Parents must navigate mask mandates and consider the level of risk their children face in returning to in-person classes. One vaccine is approved for use in children 12 and up in the U.S., and availability may expand to all school-aged children in the next few months.

Until the #coronavirus is conquered, it may be difficult for parents and students alike to be enthused or unworried about the start of school. But there are some strategies you can follow to ease kids back into the swing.

The New York Times suggests returning to a regular school-year routine that includes regular bed and wakeup times, as well as consistent mealtimes. For grade-schoolers, a ban on screens starting an hour prior to bedtime can help establish a rhythm.

Outings such as hikes and picnics can help everyone cope with the transition back to in-person activity after a year-and-a-half of restrictions. Decide how much risk is acceptable when it comes to kids’ participation in sports and other activities, especially those held indoors.

Families may want kids to avoid “high-breath” activities held in close quarters such as choir, band or wrestling, for example. Follow the recommended safety precautions and try to emphasize what kids can do as they return to classrooms, CNN says — not what they can’t.

Students may not need as many new clothes if some of their classes are held remotely, but they may need new laptops and tablets to pursue their virtual lessons effectively. Shop retailers’ many back-to-school sales for the best deals.

Anything that won’t get used this year — stuff such as too-small clothing, last-generation phones and laptops, and equipment for the sport no one in the family plays — can be donated to

Sort out all of that that extra stuff, put it in bags and boxes, and leave in a designated location on the scheduled day for #contactless #pickup. You’ll be glad you have the room for all of the new stuff that every new school year seems to bring in.