More Stuff Equals More Garage Sale Shoppers

A #garage sale is kind of a needle-in-a-haystack proposition for shoppers, so more #stuff tends to draw more people. If you have a ton of #merchandise to #declutter, you can go it alone with a sale, but if you don’t, “collaborate with friends and family,” says My Blessed Life. Create a bookkeeping system to divvy up the money, or piggyback onto a neighborhoodwide sale. You can also attract the interest of more and different customers by having the kids set up a lemonade stand or sell baked goods. And before you even open for business, schedule a #free #donation #pickup with to get rid of the excess junk after the fact. #GarageSaleHacks

Goods That Will Make or Break Your Garage Sale

There are 12 categories of #garage-sale goods that “sell like hotcakes,” WiseBread says. Good quality, gently used #clothing; tools; furniture (especially bookcases or shelves); vintage dishes, glassware, and casseroles; garden tools; handbags; costume jewelry; games, toys, and bicycles; books; appliances; camping gear and other sporting goods; and exercise equipment. “Put pictures in your ad. Basic exercise equipment like weights will usually go quickly, but older treadmills or exercise bikes may linger, depending on how you price them and how quickly you want to get rid of them.” #GarageSaleHacks

Price Garage Sale Goods to Move

Even if you’re looking to make #money on your old #stuff at a #garage sale, don’t get so caught up in the profit motive that forget why you’re selling that #junk — sorry, those treasures — in the first place. Everything must go if you want to clear the #clutter! “Focus on pricing to sell,” says Love to Know. “Your front #yard isn’t an #antiques store, and you shouldn’t set your prices like it is one.” You can, however, price certain items to allow room for haggling. If you’d like to make about $10 in profit on a quality collectible, for example, tag it a bit higher to make room for people who will inevitably ask for a break on the price. #GarageSaleHacks

Embrace the Promise of Spring (and Spring Cleaning)

Spring is here! The days are getting longer, the trees are starting to bud and the birds are chirping. It’s the season of rebirth — the time of year when life reawakens from its frigid #winter slumber and starts anew.

It’s also an excellent time for people to revisit their goals and establish new habits for the year. Start with a check-in: Make notes on where you are mentally and where you’d like to be. What do you value most, and are you able to satisfy those needs?

Next, write down a few intentions. Maybe you want to exercise more, meditate or pursue a new hobby. Or maybe you have an attitudinal goal such as being more forgiving to yourself or more patient with family members. Whatever it is, jot it down and revisit it regularly.

Be Meditation suggests a “walking meditation” to review your intentions while enjoying the spring air. Find a quiet path where you can appreciate new growth and encourage it in yourself, deeply “breathing in your intention.”

If one of your intentions is to become more #organized (and whose isn’t?), spring is the time to reclaim your space and experience the rebirth of a #clean, #healthy and #clutter-free life. It’s just one part of the reason #spring cleaning is a perennial ritual in so many homes.

Research shows that a #cluttered environment produces a cluttered mind. “Our brains can only focus on a limited amount of stimuli at a time,” says VeryWellMind. “If you’re surrounded by #clutter, the clutter can actually make it harder for you to think clearly.”

The Organizing Blog is here to help. Whatever your intention — be it a single #clean #closet or a top-down spring #cleansing — we’ve got you covered. We want to help you make this the year you let go of clutter and blossom into a healthier, happier you.

As always, you can #donate any extra #junk to to share your rebirth with #veterans nationwide. Embrace the promise of spring — and #declutter your environment and mind for a brighter future!

Lighten Up Your Interiors for Summer

Just like you’d winterize your home by putting out extra blankets and burning scented candles, you can #summerize your space by bringing a #cooler, lighter touch to your furnishings, says L’Image Design Studio. First, eliminate excess #knickknacks that make your space feel #cluttered or constricting. Opt for lighter colors and swap out heavy, dark blankets and comforters for lighter ones. Give your houseplants some outdoor time. Wash the windows and replace heavy drapes with sheers. And finally, store any off-season items you won’t be using in labeled bins or donate them if you don’t foresee using them again.