Time and Effort Make the Best Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts don’t have to cost a thing. On Mother’s Day, dedicate your time and energy instead, Money Crashers says. Mow the lawn and do the yardwork; vacuum and wash her car; make her breakfast in bed or let her sleep in for once, the site says; Mom will appreciate the effort, and these gifts will only cost a little bit of time to show you care. Another suggestion? Clean that old junk out of the garage, hall closet or basement, and contact ClothingDonations.org for a pickup. If your Mom is anything like ours, she will appreciate the newly decluttered and organized space.

Rainy Day? Pick a Closet to Organize

Spring is now officially just days away, and there will soon be more rain coming down than snow. Take advantage of one of your gloomier spring days to organize a closet for the upcoming warm-weather seasons. First, make sure you have enough boxes and bags at the ready, says professional organizer Denise Levine. Then, pick a closet and empty it out completely. Dust, clean and vacuum the space. Then sort your clothing, returning only the clothing you use to the closet, boxing the stuff you won’t need again until next winter, and bagging up the rejects for your next ClothingDonations.org pickup.

Chuck the Summer Clothing You Didn’t Wear

The first rule of switching your closets to the fall season? Chuck it if you don’t need it. “We [all] have clothes that we hold onto out of guilt, or habit, or hopefulness that we might wear them again,” author Erin Boyle told the the Sweethome blog. To cut down on that superfluous stuff, dedicate a limited space to a particular season’s clothing; anything that doesn’t fit should be donated (contact ClothingDonations.org for a pickup) or tossed. And be ruthless: If you didn’t wear it this year, you won’t want to unpack it next year.

Don’t Store Clothing You Should Donate

With temperatures cooling, it’s time to put away your light, breezy clothing and make room for sweaters, jackets and coats. First, take all of your summer clothing out of the closet and dressers to take stock. Sort it into categories, then sort each pile into the familiar “keep,” “donate” and “discard” piles. “If you didn’t wear it during the past season, you won’t wear it next year,” The Spruce says. Contact ClothingDonations.org to schedule a pickup for the donate pile, and you’ll be on your way to an uncluttered closet.

Give Mom the Gift of Less Clutter

Many moms — especially older moms — already have lots of stuff, and some are entering their “downsizing decades” later in life. This Mother’s Day, give them the gift of decluttering! Stop by, cook brunch and clean the hall closet; throw everything she no longer needs into boxes and schedule a pickup with ClothingDonations.org. Then, give only gifts that offer Mom an experience rather than more stuff, says the Embracing Simple blog, or items such as fresh flowers and pampering bath products that she can use — and use up — quickly.