What to Do When You’ve Overindulged

Avoiding overcelebration on St. Patrick’s Day is more a matter of preparation and self-control that something you can remedy after the fact, says Global News. If you woke up this morning feeling more than little “green” from St. Patrick’s Day, know that most so-called hangover “cures” either won’t work or can exacerbate the situation. Over-the-counter analgesics can be hard on the liver, but antacids can help soothe a sour stomach. Mild, digestible carbs such as toast, crackers or pretzels can help on the day after, alongside plenty of replacement fluids such as water or tea. The only proven remedies are rest and time, however. #StPatricksDay

Imbibe Safely on St. Patrick’s Day

If you plan to indulge in a prolonged #pub crawl or toast on St. Patrick’s Day, do so wisely: Start with a meal that’s rich in carbs and protein, Bon Appetit says. For example, a corned beef hash or a classic #Irish breakfast with, sausage, eggs, beans and tea will protect a sensitive stomach and slow the absorption of alcohol. Take a multivitamin to head off nutrient depletion, and match any Guinesses consumed ounce-for-ounce with still water to maintain hydration. Don’t be afraid to fuel up with snacks as the day wears on, or just bow out when you know you’ve had enough — and never mix drinking and driving. Slainte! #StPatricksDay

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Over the Centuries

The Feast of St. Patrick has been celebrated on March 17 since the ninth or 10th century, according to History.com, in recognition of the patron saint who brought Christianity to the Erin Isle and — legend has it — rid it of snakes. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in what is now Florida (!) in 1601. Only recently has it grown into an excuse to #celebrate all things #Irish with a pint of Guiness or green beer, however; it remained a religious holiday in its home country until the 1970s. Today, huge parades are held annually in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Savannah, Ga., and many other locations worldwide. #StPatricksDay

Say Goodbye to the Holidays, Hello to 2022

The first thing to do as you attempt to get #organized in the new year is to get the #holidays out of sight as quickly and as neatly as possible, says A Clear Path. If you have gifts that you won’t use or didn’t give, return or #donate them immediately. Take down any holiday decorations and store them in labeled bins and boxes. Resist the urge to peruse the post-holiday clearance sales unless there is something you truly need. And finally, enter #decluttering deadlines such as an upcoming ClothingDonations.org #donation #pickup on your 2022 calendar.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

So goes the old Frank Loesser hit. Never intended to be a holiday anthem, the song tells the tale of a suitor looking far ahead on the calendar as a testament an plea for enduring love. As we prepare for the new year, though, the question looms.

With a new variant driving COVID case numbers up, one acceptable answer is “nothing” — or at least nothing far from the confines of your own home. Gathering in large groups has again become a risky proposition, so a quiet night in might be the safest option.

If you do celebrate, keep parties small to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. A Zoom, Skype or FaceTime session is always a good option if you wish to see faraway friends and relatives faces unmasked.

Small gatherings are safest, with only the people you know have taken the appropriate precautions invited. Epidemiologists told The New York Times that those who are at low risk for serious illness and have received a booster shot can celebrate with less worry.

For planners who still want to ring in the new year in style, Reader’s Digest offers 20 themed party ideas that can keep things interesting for small groups of almost any age — game nights, pajama parties and so on.

Weather permitting, the safest way for groups made up of members of different households to celebrate is outdoors. A socially distanced bonfire, beach walk or campout might make a memorable way to ring in 2022.

Another option exists for those worn out by 2021: Get comfortable, order some food, binge-watch a show and relax. You may even choose to go to bed well ahead of the ball drop in Times Square.

Or you could begin a #clutter-free new year one day early by taking down all of those #holiday #decorations and storing the ones you’ll want to use next year. Set aside the extras and contact ClothingDonations.org for a free #donation #pickup.

Consider it an early start to your #spring cleaning and part of your #resolution to be more #organized in the new year. Happy New Year from the Vietnam Veterans of America and ClothingDonations.org!