Plan Projects as You Celebrate Labor Day

At home or on the road, Labor Day weekend is nothing to squander. You might choose to host a #cookout or tailgate, Country Living suggests, now that football season has arrived, or you can find a swimming hole, rent a pool or simply turn on the sprinklers. Watching the local #parade and #picnicking are possibilities, as are bike rides, books, beer gardens and anything else you like to do for fun. If you’re handy, don’t wait to start your on any home improvement projects you want to get done this fall — or at least prioritize those projects, start gathering the necessary equipment and contacting any experts you’ll need to help. #LaborDay

Kick Back at Home for Labor Day

For a truly relaxing Labor Day, try kicking back at home. Take that extra day to do something you don’t ordinarily have time for, such as a #cookout, movie night, or a #household project or #renovation, says home designer Stanley Martin. “House projects may not be as relaxing as a holiday by the pool, but they certainly are rewarding. Select a project or two that you’re confident can be completed within the long weekend and get started.” Depending on your situation and needs, small projects with a big payoff include #decluttering, landscaping and painting. Whatever you choose, make time to relax afterward. #LaborDay

Camp or Glamp for Labor Day

Labor Day is this weekend, and many Americans will have three full days off in a row to relax, visit with family and friends, and otherwise have fun. Why not take a short weekend exploring nature in a nearby state or national park? Camping is cheap and enjoyable for the whole family, so pick a location, check the weather, make a reservation and hit the road, Curated says. Just be sure to pack the appropriate shelter, coolers and cookware, clothing, and plenty of water and sunscreen — and be sure to leave on time, because you might not be the only people on the roads. And if you’re more into “glamping,” you have plenty of options. #LaborDay

Use Labor Day Weekend to Organize

Bittersweet as it may be, #summer is drawing to a close. While The Organizing Blog encourages you to do little that qualifies as “work” on Labor Day weekend, one thing that can enhance your overall mood and prepare you for #fall is #decluttering. Start #organizing and putting away those summer supplies, says Simplify Experts, tossing anything that’s too worn to justify keeping for another year. That includes grilling tools, camping supplies, pool toys, gardening equipment and even old bottles of sunblock. If there’s anything that you didn’t use but might still be of use to someone else, you can donate it to #LaborDay

Dedicate Labor Day to Relaxation

If you want to take it easy on Labor Day, don’t go out of your way to do anything even remotely related to work. Take a leisurely bike ride or go for a swim, do a little #thrift-store shopping, and stop by a local bar/grill or order in instead of cooking dinner, says Country Living. Read a book or watch a movie, meditate, let the kids play in the sprinkler or set up a lawn chair at the nearest parade, but don’t do any household #chores or hard labor unless that’s something you find relaxing. Whatever you choose, make sure that a day of rest is your primary goal; you’ve worked hard all year and you can afford to give yourself a break. #LaborDay