Use Labor Day Weekend to Organize

Bittersweet as it may be, #summer is drawing to a close. While The Organizing Blog encourages you to do little that qualifies as “work” on Labor Day weekend, one thing that can enhance your overall mood and prepare you for #fall is #decluttering. Start #organizing and putting away those summer supplies, says Simplify Experts, tossing anything that’s too worn to justify keeping for another year. That includes grilling tools, camping supplies, pool toys, gardening equipment and even old bottles of sunblock. If there’s anything that you didn’t use but might still be of use to someone else, you can donate it to #LaborDay

Dedicate Labor Day to Relaxation

If you want to take it easy on Labor Day, don’t go out of your way to do anything even remotely related to work. Take a leisurely bike ride or go for a swim, do a little #thrift-store shopping, and stop by a local bar/grill or order in instead of cooking dinner, says Country Living. Read a book or watch a movie, meditate, let the kids play in the sprinkler or set up a lawn chair at the nearest parade, but don’t do any household #chores or hard labor unless that’s something you find relaxing. Whatever you choose, make sure that a day of rest is your primary goal; you’ve worked hard all year and you can afford to give yourself a break. #LaborDay

The Easiest Labor Day Cookout Ever

Whether you’re having a Labor Day cookout or just contributing a dish, what better way is there to observe the #holiday than by avoiding hard labor in the kitchen? Choose an easy, surefire recipe that people like, and your friends and family will wonder why they thought spending hours over a hot grill was a good idea. Taste of Home has collected 100 recipes that are perfect for a summer-ending party or picnic, promising that none will take more than 15 minutes’ prep time. Featuring everything from cucumber salad to bacon dip to grilled bananas, these recipes prove that the summertime living is easy. #LaborDay

Avoid Work to Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day was created to celebrate the social and economic contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity and well-being. The unofficial end of #summer, Many Americans opt to celebrate Labor Day with parades, picnics and cookouts. But Love to Know suggests that you shouldn’t feel bad about celebrating Labor Day by doing no labor whatsoever. “The diligent American people of the past made Labor Day something to celebrate. Honor them by taking the day off from all back-breaking work. Do zero chores, order dinner in so no one has to cook or clean up, and feel free to lie around in your pajamas all day long.” #LaborDay

Help Pets Stay Cool During the Dog Days

During the “dog days” of summer, remember that all pets can get dehydrated quickly, says Karen Pryor’s Clicker Training blog. Furnish them with plenty of fresh water and shade, avoid exercising them too hard, and keep them indoors in extreme heat. If you see symptoms of overheating such as excessive panting, drooling or weakness, get your pet to a cool place and contact a vet immediately. Keep dogs off of hot asphalt and sand, and never leave any animals alone in a parked vehicle. Car interiors can heat up to dangerous temperatures in minutes even on relatively mild days, putting pets in danger of heatstroke and death.