Outdoor Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors while the weather is still warm. Taking a hike, camping and kayaking are great ways to get some fresh air with together with family and friends safely during #pandemic times, MyDomaine says. If you’re the more indoorsy type, you might check out a new museum or have a staycation at a nearby hotel, the story says — but be prepared to wear a face mask and show proof of vaccination to enter indoor settings such as restaurants and concert venues.

Summer’s Last Hurrah: The Labor Day Cookout

The best way to celebrate Labor Day is to have a cookout with family, friends and fun activities. Foodies can wow guests with grill-friendly takes on the freshest fruits and vegetables in season now such as summer squash, tomatoes, corn, melons and peaches — or keep things traditional with hot dogs and hamburgers. Whatever you choose, most people want to get one last hurrah in before the (observed) end of summer, and have and extra day to do so before they return to work.

Have a Labor Day Weekend Garage Sale

Are you stuck for something to do over Labor Day weekend because you’re surrounded by stuff? Have a #garage or #yard sale! While the holiday weekend is ordinarily a poor time to hold a garage sale, #COVID-19 is keeping many bargain-hunters close to home, and you’ll have an extra day to relax. Just be sure to observe proper #pandemic precautions such as masking, social distancing and offering hand sanitizer as you sell off some of that extra stuff, says AARP. And if you have junk left over after the sale, be sure to schedule a ClothingDonations.org pickup for the stuff that doesn’t sell.

Don’t Bring Garage Sale Items Back Into the Home

When your Labor Day garage or yard sale is nearing its end, “Don’t bring anything back inside your home!” says Apartment Therapy. Slash prices, make a “free” pile, and invite friends and neighbors to take what they want. Better yet, make an appointment for a donation pickup with ClothingDonations.org immediately after your sale, so that you can get rid of the things you no longer want or need. Garage sales are great for making a few extra bucks from that extra stuff, but the ultimate goal should be to get rid of it and free your physical (and mental) space of clutter.

Labor Day Garage Sales Can Pay

Though some people will be traveling, having a Labor Day weekend garage sale can pay off, since there will be less competition. Consider starting your sale on Friday afternoon with firm prices, Garage Sale Tips says, then allow haggling or slash prices on Saturday. If you have a small amount of quality items and a good location, you can also keep your garage or yard sale short by holding it only in the morning or afternoon, and have the rest of the day to yourself. But don’t kid yourself — a successful sale requires a lot of decluttering, organization and planning.