The Perfect Time of Year for Renovations

Every season has pros and cons when it comes to home projects: Spring is best for starting new landscaping projects, for example, while summer is good for a kitchen overhaul since you can grill while your new stove is installed.

These seasons are the busiest time of year, however, so your project may face shortages of labor and materials — or pay top-dollar to get what you want, when you want it. Fall and winter may be equally good for a renovation project, Renofi says..

Right now, you can still install new flooring or finish your basement and finish in time for the holidays. Temperatures are still warm enough for exterior painting, too, as well as many landscaping projects such as reseeding a lawn or planting bulbs and shrubs.

Should your roof need repairs, don’t hesitate. In areas with significant amounts of snow buildup in winter, a faulty or damaged roof may not last until spring. Roofing has the benefit of being a fairly quick project that won’t disrupt your home’s interior.

Interior painting is a good project to tackle in the fall, since the lower humidity will help paint dry faster. You’ll be spending more time inside those rooms soon enough; why not do so in a fresh and clean environment?

Larger projects such as a kitchen or bath overhaul may take more foresight, experts say. Plan at least a month or two in advance to get those renovations started, whether you decide to do them yourself or hire a contractor.

Winter has the added benefit of being contractors’ slowest season, so if you’re eyeballing a big job such as a new kitchen, bathroom or whole-house renovation, start planning and booking workers now. The only downside is that the weather may be messy.

Big renovations are likely to test your patience, considering ongoing supply-chain issues and labor shortages. Project timelines may be three to five times as long as they were in the past, U.S. News & World Report warns, and prices for materials and labor have gone up.

But there’s no time like the present to get started. Just remember to contact to schedule a free, #contactless #donation #pickup of any castoffs you discover as you prepare to freshen your space.

Stay Active With a Winter DIY Project

Spending more of your time at home likely means more wear and tear. Now that it’s winter, one good way to stay #active is by doing a few #DIY projects to make your space more livable. Start with a good #decluttering (as always, will be happy to pick up your extra stuff) and #deep-cleaning, then sand the floors or try out a new coat of paint. Not only will such projects keep you moving instead of languishing on the couch, they will make it your home that much more inviting when you do decide it is the time to binge-watch your favorite shows. #StayActive

Fall Is a Great Time to Start DIY Renovations

As the weather turns cooler, you may be loking for projects that can make your home more cozy. One that Family Handyman suggests is to finsh your attic. This formerly unused space could easily be turned into a cozy nook or extra bedroom — and the natural tendency for heat to rise will make the most of your energy dollars. Smaller improvement projects to pursue might include painting, installing a new backsplash, cleaning a closet, reorganizing your kitchen cabinets and prepping your mudroom or entryway for the sloppy winter season, the story says. #FallProjects

Start Your Spring Cleaning Now

The calendar tells us that there are still almost two months to go before spring officially starts. And even if your area of the country is already experiencing periods of spring-like weather, the fact is that there really isn’t that much going on during the winter months.

Sports fans have big events to watch on TV, but there are no major holidays until Easter. Sure, you might choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day or St. Patrick’s Day, but these holidays are unlikely to make a big dent in the social schedule.

Take advantage of that extra time by getting a jump-start on your spring cleaning.

The weather may still be treacherous, so instead of thinking about scrubbing and dusting, make your jump-start about decluttering. You can “clear a path” today so that your home is ready for a big scrubdown when the weather improves.

Start with your clothing. By this point in the winter, you know which items you and your family really use during the colder months, and which ones you don’t. Bag up those extra sweaters, fleeces and corduroys and contact for a pickup.

Next, look at the junk you’ve accumulated. Are your closets overflowing with gadgets, tools and tchotchkes that you no longer want — or never did? Box ’em up and “transition” them out of your living quarters so they’ll be ready for the first garage sale of the spring.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you’ll make a neighbor’s day even as you relieve yourself of all that stuff. Just don’t try to do all of the decluttering at once, Money Crashers says; pick a closet or room and get it exactly how you want it before moving on to another space.

Once the path is clear, you’ll have the time and space for a quick home-improvement project! A new coat of paint, refreshed bathroom tile or new carpeting will help elevate your mood, and it’s a good idea to get those messy renovations done before you deep-clean.

By the time Easter, Memorial Day and the other big holidays arrive, your house will be spacious, clean and inviting again. And you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the warmer weather with a renewed sense of accomplishment.