Kick Back at Home for Labor Day

For a truly relaxing Labor Day, try kicking back at home. Take that extra day to do something you don’t ordinarily have time for, such as a #cookout, movie night, or a #household project or #renovation, says home designer Stanley Martin. “House projects may not be as relaxing as a holiday by the pool, but they certainly are rewarding. Select a project or two that you’re confident can be completed within the long weekend and get started.” Depending on your situation and needs, small projects with a big payoff include #decluttering, landscaping and painting. Whatever you choose, make time to relax afterward. #LaborDay

Give Mom the Gift of Relaxation

Mother’s Day is the day of the year we dedicate to celebrating all that moms do. One good way to do that is to give them a day off from their usual tasks, says Balance Through Simplicity. Cancel plans and prioritize rest and relaxation — maybe a spa treatment, pedicure or massage would help Mom’s cares melt away. Better still, pitch in on tasks such as vacuuming, meal prep, dog walking, #decluttering or washing the car. Most moms will appreciate the help and the company — and remember the effort you expended to make the day special. Plus, being helpful doesn’t add to the #clutter like most gifts you can buy in a store. #MothersDay

Re-Energizing for a Perfect Summer

No matter where you go, a perfect #summer should allow time for a little R&R. Take a whole day (or two) to do absolutely nothing alone or with family, suggests Swift Wellness. Go outside and take a hike. Lay in a hammock or deck chair and read a book. Revisit an old hobby or take the time to learn something new. Turn off your phone and social media feeds for a day. #Clean and #declutter the entire house — and #donate the #stuff that’s getting in the way of a calm and #clutter-free mind. “Taking a break can feel like you’re not doing enough and missing out. However, this is far from the truth. Time off is time to re-energize.” #PerfectSummer