Rid Your Home of Winter Dirt

With homes sealed up against the cold, winter creates a special kind of dirt inside the home. With #spring arriving early this year, you can get a headstart on the #deep-cleaning needed to get your home ready for the warm-weather months, however. Good Housekeeping suggests #organizing storage spaces such as the garage by sorting things into keep, #donate and toss piles before cleaning the walls and floors, then replacing the (fewer) things you want to keep. Also pay special attention to the things that gather lots of dirt and dust in a closed-up house, such as blinds, doormats, ceiling fans and curtains. #SpringCleaning

Purge as You Pack for Vacation

As you pack for your #winter #getaway, take note of what doesn’t make it into the suitcase. You likely have lots of items in your wardrobe or #closet that simply won’t make the cut, even if they’re perfect for someone else’s beach #vacation or a night out. Set those items aside in boxes and bags, and contact ClothingDonations.org for a free #donation #pickup. If you have the time, go ahead and make it a complete closet #purge! That will give you a sense of accomplishment and ample license to reward yourself with some well-earned R&R. Bon voyage, wherever it is that you decide to go! #WinterGetaway

Save by Going to an Off-Season Destination

Not all #winter #getaways need to be at the beach, says The Planet D. Pick one of your favorite destinations that isn’t in high demand during winter, and chances are that most necessities — airfare and accommodations included — will be available at reasonable rates. That means U.S. destinations that are slightly warmer (think New Orleans or Savannah, Ga.) are good options, and those with a chance of seasonally inclement weather of their own (Seattle, New York City, Washington, D.C.) are eager for tourist dollars. You may not find a lot of deals if you’re a skier who’s actively looking for snow, however. #WinterGetaway

Pack to Save Money on Baggage Fees

With so many airlines charging not-insignificant fees to check a bag, #packing for a #winter getaway has gotten a lot more strategic over the years. Most airlines allow only a small carry-on bag and personal item with an economy fare, so you’ll have to make the most of the space you’ve got. If you plan to travel for a week or more, start with a “capsule” wardrobe that includes some of your favorite essentials, says Going. Wear clothes multiple times, minimize on shoes, and plan on doing laundry or having it done during your trip. And remember to leave room for souvenirs! #WinterGetaway

Plan an Affordable Winter Getaway

With #winter storms sweeping the nation last week, you may be feeling the need to take a quick trip to see friends or bask in the tropical sun. The good news is that there is still time to book a jaunt, says Thrifty Traveler. Some of the best airfares of the year are available now, making beach destinations outside the United States such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and even Costa Rica are surprisingly affordable. What’s more, the dollar is currently quite strong against many foreign currencies, meaning you can spend less on the vacation essentials — hotel, food and fun — once you land. #WinterGetaway