Celebrate the Season Your Way

The Organizing Blog offers a lot of advice throughout the year to inspire readers to lead #tidy, #organized and #productive lives. During the #holiday season especially, we suggest ways to save money, reduce waste and cut #clutter even as you celebrate and give gifts.

But the #holiday season can be overwhelming and inspire just as much anxiety and stress as it does joy. That’s why we urge you to celebrate in a way that’s true to yourself this year — even if you have to put your #decluttering goals temporarily on hold.

The holiday season exposes us to lots of unusual demands and expectations, CBC says. Don’t overcommit or try to live up to unrealistic ideals, or you’ll burn out before you unwrap your first gift.

Many traditions were delayed, cancelled or otherwise upended during COVID, and it’s OK to mourn their loss. But you can use your creativity to can create new traditions, Psychology Today says, that help you relax and get in the spirit of the season.

That might mean baking cookies, relaxing by a fire, candlelight yoga, putting up decorations or hosting a #Christmas movie marathon. Or it might mean none of those things — there’s no wrong answer when it comes to treating yourself to a happy holiday.

Some people prefer to skip the gift exchange and family feast altogether, says Refinery 29. One woman — a retail worker — likes to get Chinese food after the holiday rush, and another uses vacation days every December for a bucket-list trip. Another writes a letter to herself every year.

Don’t forget yourself and your needs as you make holiday plans. There’s only so much of you to go around, and celebrating in the way you wish ensures that everyone who does get a little of your attention sees you at your very best.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season from ClothingDonations.org!

Make (or Adjust) Holiday Travel Plans Now

#Holiday #travel is costing more than it did last year, according to a report from CBS News. With demand up and capacity still decreased from pre-pandemic levels, airfares will rise 4% per week through Christmas, experts say. To get the best possible prices, book your tickets now, shorten trips or adjust your plans to accommodate alternative dates after the holiday rush is over. And even though #Christmas falls on a Sunday, plan to start and complete your travel on Mondays and Tuesdays, when airfares, rental cars and hotel lodging tend to be cheaper. This year — if you’re up for the challenge — hosting may be the cheapest option. #HolidayTips

Pick a Destination and Pile in the Car

One of the best ways to have a last-minute #summer #getaway with Kkids is to pick a convenient destination and pile into the car with a cooler full of snacks and drinks. VacationIdea suggests exploring family-friendly destinations such as Myrtle Beach, Sonoma, Santa Fe and other historic/interesting mid-size cities across the county. Gas prices have receded from their record highs, so you can simply pick a location within a day’s drive, arrange accommodations (maybe with a pool) and take off. Even a long weekend away can refresh the whole family and fight those back-to-school blues. If you want to get back to #nature rather than stay in hotels, there are plenty of campsites throughout the country where you can rough it, see the stars and get some fresh air inexpensively. #LastMinuteSummerTravel

Search Flights Now to Travel Before Fall

#Summer isn’t officially over for five more weeks, so if you don’t have kids in school there’s time to book an inexpensive #flight to destinations across the country. Remember that airfares on most domestic carriers except for Southwest go up three weeks ahead of departure, however, and plan accordingly. To save money when booking, try searching for two one-way flights instead of a round-trip, says Scott’s Cheap Flights, and always check alternate dates and nearby airports. Depending on the destination, midweek flights may be cheaper, and factor in all fees when picking a flight — if an airline offers a $200 roundtrip but adds $30 each way in baggage and other fees, for example, a $250 flight that includes bags is the cheaper option. #LastMinuteSummerTravel

Book Your Last-Minute Summer Travel Now

If you’re craving a last-minute #getaway to close the summer on a high note, there’s still time to book a long weekend in #vacation hotspots such as Las Vegas, New Orleans and Myrtle Beach. But if you want something a little less crowded (and likely less expensive, too), Budget Travel suggests, consider destinations such as Bangor, Maine; Portland, Ore.; and Cleveland, Ohio a try; all have a range of lodging, dining and outdoor activities to try. For a more international escape that’s not too far from the U.S., try the Bahamas, Cancun or Guatemala; it’s the off season and you may be able to take advantage of last-minute deals without having to book an overly long flight. #LastMinuteSummerTravel