Festive Fall Activities for Adults

Young adults who find their social calendars full for the summer may experience a lull as the temperatures cool, says Elite Daily. But there are plenty of ways to have fun even when it’s too cold to swim. Try staging an outdoor movie night for a romantic crowd-pleaser, or celebrate Oktoberfest at a local beergarden. And if you and your friends have a few extra bucks, the site says, one of the best ways to view the autumn leaves change color is from above is on a hot-air balloon ride. Just go easy on the hard apple cider or beer before you take flight.

Budget-Friendly Fall Fun for All Ages

Fall has arrived! And along with its no-sweat temperatures, the season offers plenty of activities for young and old. Families can enjoy budget-friendly fall fun such as picking apples and pumpkins; going on picnics and nature hikes; or visiting a corn maze, haunted house or football game, Every Dollar says. And with cooler weather, there’s no worry of overheating the kitchen, so try your hand at a some fall culinary projects — like baking an apple cobbler, roasting some pumpkin seeds or making hot chocolate. You’ll be able to share the warmth with friends and family.