More Stuff Equals More Garage Sale Shoppers

A #garage sale is kind of a needle-in-a-haystack proposition for shoppers, so more #stuff tends to draw more people. If you have a ton of #merchandise to #declutter, you can go it alone with a sale, but if you don’t, “collaborate with friends and family,” says My Blessed Life. Create a bookkeeping system to divvy up the money, or piggyback onto a neighborhoodwide sale. You can also attract the interest of more and different customers by having the kids set up a lemonade stand or sell baked goods. And before you even open for business, schedule a #free #donation #pickup with to get rid of the excess junk after the fact. #GarageSaleHacks

Goods That Will Make or Break Your Garage Sale

There are 12 categories of #garage-sale goods that “sell like hotcakes,” WiseBread says. Good quality, gently used #clothing; tools; furniture (especially bookcases or shelves); vintage dishes, glassware, and casseroles; garden tools; handbags; costume jewelry; games, toys, and bicycles; books; appliances; camping gear and other sporting goods; and exercise equipment. “Put pictures in your ad. Basic exercise equipment like weights will usually go quickly, but older treadmills or exercise bikes may linger, depending on how you price them and how quickly you want to get rid of them.” #GarageSaleHacks

Price Garage Sale Goods to Move

Even if you’re looking to make #money on your old #stuff at a #garage sale, don’t get so caught up in the profit motive that forget why you’re selling that #junk — sorry, those treasures — in the first place. Everything must go if you want to clear the #clutter! “Focus on pricing to sell,” says Love to Know. “Your front #yard isn’t an #antiques store, and you shouldn’t set your prices like it is one.” You can, however, price certain items to allow room for haggling. If you’d like to make about $10 in profit on a quality collectible, for example, tag it a bit higher to make room for people who will inevitably ask for a break on the price. #GarageSaleHacks

Why Garage Sales Need a Free Box

A #garage sale should always have a box of free items, the Welcoming Simplicity blog says. There are always things that don’t justify a 25-cent tag, yet don’t need to be thrown away. Place the free box near the checkout table, so shoppers can have the thrill of getting something for nothing or linger longer over those priced items. Toys for the kids make great giveaways and have the added bonus of quelling boredom that might otherwise encourage their (paying) parents to make their visits brief. Also offer bags to purchasers — those ubiquitous plastic grocery bags need to be reused. #GarageSaleHacks

In Search of a Clutter-Free Summer

Memorial Day — the unofficial start of summer— has come and gone. If you’re anything like us at The Organizing Blog, you probably used the long weekend to plant some flowers, take a bike ride, visit with friends and/or have a cookout. Fine pursuits!

But do you know what can make one’s enjoyment of those pursuits (and most others) even better? #Organization! A #clutter-free environment knows no season — and it can provide you with the #clarity you need to truly live in the moment.

Think about it: A cluttered space demands attention. Maybe you waste a lot of time looking for things among the stacks of papers, piles of laundry and dusty gewgaws. Or maybe wrangling all that #stuff leaves you with little down time.

Summer is a great time to get those things under control. With good weather and a few hours each week, you can conquer that #clutter — and enjoy all of the seasons to come.

Start with the #garage. Has that #space attracted a lot of stuff that doesn’t have a home elsewhere ? Go through it and ask yourself why you hide #junk there and if you’ll ever really need those things again. Weed out what you don’t have a use for and set it aside.

Along the way, fine-tune your storage of the things that do have a purpose — even if that purpose is occasional, such as holiday decorations. Sort “like” items into labeled bins and boxes that you can find and access easily without a lot of hunting. Shelve or stack them thoughtfully, and you’ll be creating new space!

Next, do the same for the basement. Organizing your below-ground space likely will have the added benefit of helping you keep cool while you work. Set aside the things for which you don’t have a purpose or can’t find a place, and put them in boxes and bags.

See that growing pile of #junk? Slap some price tags on those things and have a quick #garage or #yard #sale. Or click though to to arrange a #free #donation #pickup. You’ll be #helping the nation’s #veterans and be ready to enjoy the rest of the summer #clutter-free!