Back-to-School Shopping Hacks

Try some #shopping #hacks to ensure you don’t break the bank on back-to-school shopping, says the Krazy Koupon Lady. Shop on Sundays and Mondays so your preferred stores don’t run out of supplies; look for manufacturer coupons on things like pens and Post-its; check the local dollar store for basics; and download store and shopping apps to track the sales. If you’re shopping someplace new, many loyalty programs offer a percent-off deal to incentivize the initial purchase online or in person, the site says, and you may be able to apply credit card and loyalty rewards dollars to your purchases, too. #BackToSchool

Shopping the Back-to-School Sales

Back-to-school season is a lot like the holiday shopping season, with stores competing to provide the best deals on clothing, electronics, computers, backpacks and more. TechRadar offers a comprehensive list of the latest price cuts on everything a student might need before school starts again, including small appliances and furnishings ideal for the dorm room. It’s one of the best times of year to buy a new computer, printer, tablet or smartwatch, so even if you graduated years ago, you can shop the #deals now through the end of August and well into September. #BackToSchool

Back-to-School Spending Set to Break Records

The National Retail Federation says back-to-school shopping will break records again this year, according to Forbes Advisor, at least in part due to price inflation. K–12 spending is expected to average $890 per student, up from $864 in 2022, and college students are expected to spend $1,367 each, surpassing last year’s $1,199. Fortunately for shoppers, several states are holding tax holidays during back-to-school season. If your state isn’t among them, big-box stores such as Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club are marking down essentials, and Amazon is offering 20% off school supplies. #BackToSchool

Get the Best Prices on Holiday Merchandise

As you get started on your #holiday shopping, the New York Times’ Wirecutter says, remember that not all sales are created equal. List prices may be inflated to make store discounts look bigger, and you’ll likely need to comparison-shop to save real dollars on any merchandise that’s in demand. If you see a sale price on something you want, compare that price across multiple sellers with a simple internet search. To get the lowest prices, use online price-tracking tools and/or subscribe to alerts from your favorite retailers to hear about flash sales and member specials — but don’t be shy about unsubscribing if you don’t want those messages #cluttering your feeds. #HolidayTips

Black Friday Arrived Early This Year

Facing ongoing supply-chain issues worried about consumer spending, the nation’s retailers have put #holiday promotions into overdrive, announcing early Black Friday deals before most kids even had a chance to sort their #Halloween candy. Though #Christmas “creep” seems to kick off the season sooner every year, consumers concerned about the high cost of gift-giving and inflation’s effect on their pocketbooks would do well to start their shopping now — and remember that the #thrift and #secondhand stores supplied by generous #donations to offer lots of great #deals on lightly used #clothing and household goods. #HolidayShoppingTips