The Crucial Step in Closet Decluttering

One of the most important steps in #decluttering a #closet is to actually get rid of the things you no longer want, says organization guru Andrea Dekker. Once you’ve done the hard work of #sorting, #purging and #organizing, don’t backpedal on your decisions or fail to remove unwanted #clothing items from your home; you could easily reconsider your decisions and reintroduce those ill-fitting pants or that garish sweater to your shelves, creating #clutter. “Please, if you’re putting in the work to #organize your closet, FINISH THE JOB,” Dekker says. Schedule a free, #contactless #donation pickup with, and everything will be whisked away quickly.

Keep an ‘Outbox’ in Your Closet

One shortcut to a #clutter-free and more #organized #closet is to place an empty box or bin in it, says Apartment Therapy. That way, when you’re trying things on and discover a #garment that you haven’t worn in more than a year or just don’t like, it can go directly into the box. It won’t be long before that “outbox” is full and ready to #donate to to a charitable organization such as “I had a container I wasn’t using, so it cost me nothing, and it took me about five seconds to add it to the space,” says author Olivia Muenter. “After a month, I had a full box and an emptier closet.”

Resolve to Cut the Clutter in 2019

Now that the busy holiday season is over, it’s the perfect time to take stock of your home and all of the worldly possessions that continue to spill out of your closets and cupboards. Resolve to cut the clutter this year! Go through your closets and chests of drawers  — is there anything there that you didn’t use at all in 2018? Get rid of it. Likewise with those crafty little projects that never got started: “Perhaps you have a chair you wanted to paint, or a picture frame you wanted to repurpose,” A Few Shortcuts says. “If you have been holding onto these objects for a year, it is time to let them go. Let go of old and undone projects so you can make way for fresh opportunities in the new year.”

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