Use May Day to Create Work/Life Balance

May Day is a holiday that has multiple meanings. Rural pagan societies tied observances to agriculture as their newly-sown fields began to sprout. Children danced around a maypole, gathered wildflowers and crowned a May Queen to mark the midpoint of spring.

As the labor movement began to makes strides in protecting workers’ rights in the late 1800s, May Day became known as International Workers’ Day, commemorating the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago that erupted when police clashed with striking factory workers.

Too busy to enjoy the spring weather? This May Day — if you feel stressed or like you’re stuck in a rut — take matters into your own hands by creating better work/life balance for yourself.

Good work/life balance allows people to “partition” their professional and personal lives better. That means you’ll be able to complete the demands of your job each week and still have the time and energy to enjoy leisure-time activities and family.

“Good work-life balance can also help support one’s emotional, mental and physical well-being by providing the opportunity to take part in activities that bring joy, reduce stress and promote healthy habits, including setting aside time for family or doing self-care,” Forbes says.

Creating balance is more of a process than a one-time fix. You can start by defining a your work schedule to establish a routine, says Verywell Mind. Also define “offline” hours when you won’t be answering work calls and emails. If you’re having difficulty finding time for your favorite leisure-time activities, make time in the schedule for them — even if it’s something as simple as decompressing for an hour with a favorite TV show.

If you’re stressed about work even when you’re supposed to be thinking about anything else, you may be headed for burnout. Burnout is a state in which you find it difficult to cope with work and other daily activities, and it can manifest as physical ailments such as headaches, high blood pressure and depression.

Good work/life balance can empower you to be more effective in work and everything else. This May Day, seek out ways to be your own personal labor union — find ways to #organize your life and schedule to accomplish those tasks that yo do for a living while still taking time to enjoy life.

National Get Organized Day Is Finally Here

National Get Organized Day is finally here! It’s a great day to start or continue your #spring #cleaning and cut the #clutter for good. Make the most of the day by starting with a plan, says the Network of Enlightened Women, and tackle an easy task first. As your momentum builds, purge anything you no longer use from your closets, shelves and drawers, setting aside any still-useful items to #donate. Schedule a pickup with and #reorganize the things you still need, want and use by giving them a “home” in the places that make sense. #NationalGetOrganizedDay

Think Like a Chef to Get Organized

Think like a chef to get #organized on National Get Organized Day, April 26, says. Mise-en-place (French for “put in place”) originally described how professional chefs arrange their tools and ingredients, but it has expanded to become a lifestyle practice that helps manage the materials and mindset needed to create complex dishes in a hectic work environment. Give your tools a home and center yourself. “It’s a way of concentrating your mind to only focus on the aspects you need to be working on at that moment [and] rid yourself of distractions,” said a student at the Culinary Institute of America. #NationalGetOrganizedDay

Get Organized, One Messy Space at a Time

It’s easy to celebrate official National Get Organized Day on Friday, April 26 or another day of your choosing. Start by #decluttering a messy space — it might be a drawer, shelf, closet or an entire room. Empty the space out and survey its contents. If you haven’t used something for a year, you probably don’t need it anymore. Dust or #clean the space if necessary, and put the things you do use regularly back in a tidy, more #organized fashion. Then, bag/box and #donate any usable leftover #stuff to by scheduling a free #donation #pickup at your convenience. #NationalGetOrganizedDay

Save Time by Observing National Get Organized Day

Do you often struggle to find your keys, wallet, remote controls or driver’s license? These are symptoms of #clutter and #disorganization, says the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, that cost the average American 8,700 hours of time — a full year of their lives. National Get Organized Day on Friday, April 26 presents the perfect opportunity to reclaim that time and the physical and psychological benefits that that come with living and working in #clean, #organized spaces. Think of the time you’ll save when you no longer have to dig through the #clutter to help you find whatever item you need! #NationalGetOrganizedDay