Inexpensive Ways to Winterize the Home

You can winterize your home without spending a lot of money, according to renovation expert Bob Vila. Clean your gutters and flush your water heater to make it run more efficiently; you can also lower its settings to slash utility consumption or switch to environomentally-friendly solar heat. If you can’t afford new windows, get an inexpensive roll of weatherstripping tape and press it into place to cut drafts, and caulk gaps around windows, doors and siding. And finally, get a programmable thermostat to avoid heating your home when you’re not there.

Winterize Your Home to Save on Utility Costs

As the days get shorter (and colder), it’s time to winterize your home to stay warm without spending a lot on utilities. Start by replacing furnace filters and reversing ceiling fans, Popular Mechanics says, to warm rooms more efficiently. Cut down on drafts by using draft snakes, window films or new windows, and your thermostat won’t be tricked into churning out heat unnecessarily. And remember that every degree you lower your thermostat settings saves up to 3 percent on your heating bill — so put on a sweater and start planning a winter vacation with the money you’ll save!