Summer Vacation Organization

As personal organizer Helena Alkhas says, “summer vacations require planning and organization.” Make notes on what you want to do and who’s coming along, then pick and research a destination. Make a folder of important documents — reservations, maps, passports, etc. — as you collect them. Then, figure out what to wear; some locales will require layers even in the warmest months. Finally, pack essentials such as prescription drugs, eyewear and power cords in your carry-on, just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

Smart Summer Packing

Traveling with children requires creativity in packing, says professional organizer Sylvia Daoust. It’s a challenge to have what you need when you need it and still economize on space, so make a packing list for your summer vacation ahead of time to avoid leaving something necessary behind or taking too much. Equipped with a list, children as young as six can pack their own suitcases, but you’ll want to have snacks, music, toys and “screens” on hand to keep them entertained — and especially if you’re traveling by car.

Pack Light for Summer Travel

To ease and organize your summer vacation planning, says the Organized Home blog, pack light! Zipper bags will come in handy: Pack small items in them to organize your suitcases, or use them to pack each day’s outfits for a child. Deliberately underpack if you’re going on a leisure trip, since you’ll probably pick up a souvenir T-shirt or two, and pack only your most worn-out socks and underwear. You can wear them one more time and toss them when you’re done.

All Aboard the Vacation Express!

Now that you’ve spring/summer cleaned, you’ve had your garage sale, and you’ve sorted through your kids’ used and unused school supplies, you deserve to relax. More specifically, you need a relaxing summer vacation. With many summer school classes, camps, and activities winding down in mid-July and early-August, this is the perfect time to pack up the family and head out for an adventure.

While you’re packing everyone’s suitcases, planning the best route to get to your destination, and figuring out who to visit, you may become stressed out. You may ask yourself, “Isn’t this vacation supposed to be relaxing?”

Yes, it is, and we’re here to help!

Helping kids pack is stressful in and of itself. Many times to kids, the “essentials” rarely include toothbrushes, underwear, extra shorts, and swimsuits. To make this process smoother, allow them to pack their own bags, but have a checklist to assist them in packing. This will give them guidance, while giving you the freedom to finish up tasks at work or around the house before leaving on vacation.

Another reason you may have a difficult time packing is because you have uncovered even more items that missed the garage sale. Rather than leaving these belongings to collect dust (and risk forgetting them again!) for another year, put them in a donation bag or box. Then, give a call, or go online to schedule a pickup time, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Allow to make planning your vacation a more relaxing experience!