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Jan 16, 2018

Take Your Spring Cleaning From the Top

The last thing you want to do when the weather gets nice again (and it will) is waste time indoors. That’s why you should start spring cleaning now, while you won’t be tempted to do something more fun or immediately gratifying. Start with a few simple tasks that you don’t do every week, such as […]
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Jan 15, 2018

Use Winter’s Indoor Time to Start Spring Cleaning

Much of the nation has been snowed in for the first half of the month, but that’s no reason to avoid the inevitable spring cleaning. In fact, if you take advantage of that “indoor” time to declutter, you’ll get a jump on the season. “There is no reason to start deep-cleaning if you are surrounded […]
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Jan 5, 2018

Make Resolutions of Personal Importance

Psychologists say you should only make New Year’s resolutions if you really want to change, says Business Insider. Self-motivation is easy to find if you’re doing something for yourself; if you can’t get motivated, maybe the goal of the resolution isn’t really that important. If you can keep a promise to yourself for a full […]
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Jan 4, 2018

Use an App to Track New Year’s Resolutions

Worried that your resolutions will slip away and be forgotten before you can see any of the benefits? Don’t despair! It’s 2018, and there’s probably an app for that. Among the many fitness trackers available, TechCrunch suggests 8fit for people looking for help in achieving a variety of diet and fitness goals. More general in […]
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Jan 3, 2018

Simple Resolutions Can Create Positivity

Instead of the typical (and often difficult) vows to lose weight, quit smoking and save money, BuzzFeed suggests “10 No-Brainer New Year’s Resolutions” that anyone can try to improve time management and social interactions in 2018. Among them are writing thank-you notes, calling family members back, drinking more water, learning to take a compliment and not […]
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The Groundhog’s Guide to Surviving Winter

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Boots in snow

There’s No Dirt Like Winter Dirt

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Socks by the Fire

Celebrating the Great Indoors

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Boxed Christmas ornaments

The Declutterer’s Favorite Day

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