Deep-Clean Your Kitchen for Fall Cooking

The first stop on a #fall #cleaning checklist is likely going to be the kitchen, which will see some heavy usage as the holidays approach. Start by #decluttering pantry items and countertops, says Unexpectedly Domestic; there are likely dozens of items you don’t need to sort through every time you cook something — including expired ingredients. Then move on to a deep-clean of the refrigerator (inside, outside and coils), the microwave, the dishwasher, and the oven and stovetop. For a fresh-smelling and sanitary environment, clean and #disinfect garbage cans and drains, and wipe down the walls with a mild cleansing solution to rid them of grease and dust. #FallCleaning

Kitchen organization ideas—so easy you can do it yourself!

Kitchens keep us on our toes, especially when it comes to organization. For those who like to cook, having pots, pans, plates and utensils in the right place is important for making a quick dinner on a busy night. It’s also important to clean up messes right after a meal so that you’re ready to prep for the next one.

Keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free can set the stage for happy eating morning, noon and night! Staying on top of the clutter is key. Take-out boxes and wrappers can accumulate just as quickly as dirty pots and dishes. Given that the kitchen is often the focal point for family gatherings, catching up with friends or simply having a weeknight family dinner, it’s important that it stays organized.

Sometimes the size or layout of our kitchen makes it more prone to clutter. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help with organization—things that don’t require a costly remodel or buying a brand new home.

One do-it-yourself activity that’s quick and simple is to find a large mason jar, paint it, and put all of your cooking utensils in it. This mason jar will sit on your counter, placing your utensils in easy reach for when you’re using the stove. You can also use mason jars for storing common ingredients, such as flour and sugar.

Another idea is to put small hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. You can use these hooks to hang measuring cups—or to hang soup ladles and spoons.

While some organizational issues can be the result of having a small kitchen or awkward floor plan, it is also possible that you have too much stuff in your kitchen! Maybe you have an extra set of pots and pans that never gets used. Maybe you have too many plates and bowls, and therefore you have no space for anything else. If this is the case in your kitchen, it’s time to declutter!

Weed out those items you no longer need and donate them to It’s quick and easy to do. Pickups are free; get in touch with us today!