Decorate on the Cheap With Homemade Ornaments

Decorating a large tree for the first time? You may not have enough ornaments to really fill it out. To bring it a distinctive, homey look without spending a lot of money, make your own ornaments. Try making some of the creative ornament suggestions from Woman’s Day such as mini snowglobes, glittery jingle bells or yarn-covered Christmas stars. You can also use “found” twigs to form ornaments or print whimsical family photos to hang on the tree. And you live near the ocean, all you need is a drill and some string to hang oyster or beachcombed shells on your tree.

Decorate for Easter With a Little DIY

Thrift, dollar and party-supply stores can all help you get your home in shape for a festive Easter brunch. But when you want to re-create a designer look on the cheap, there is often no substitute for DIY, says 3 Little Greenwoods blogger Ashley Greenwood. After seeing Pottery Barn market a moss-covered basket filled with glittery eggs as an expensive Easter accessory, she reproduced the look at home with a trip to the thrift store and some quick handiwork with a hot glue gun. And since many thrift stores are supplied by donations to, you can get creative while contributing to a good cause.

Stage a Gameday Party Without Blowing Your Budget

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away, and if you’re part of the special team that’s hosting, you don’t want to blow your budget. Fortunately, there are ways to keep a Super Bowl party economical, Thrifty Little Mom says. First, get the basics for your recipes — chips, vegetables, meats, dairy products, soda, etc. — at a discount or bulk grocery store; once prepared and displayed in a festive setting, no one will notice the difference. Then, encourage your guests to bring an extra dish or drink to pass, and you’ll probably wind up with leftovers.

The Best Ornaments Are Do-It-Yourself

Store-bought ornaments are fine, but there’s no substitute for decorations you make yourself. Woman’s Day offers 32 clever ideas for do-it-yourself ornaments made out of family photos, felt, cinnamon sticks, toothpicks, yarn, paper, twigs, and other easy-to find materials. Even better, bake up a batch of salt dough ornaments for the family to decorate, and have each artist etch their name and the date on the back. Every time you unpack them from the holiday decoration box, it will inspire the warm feelings of Christmases past.

Wow Family and Friends With Christmas Crafts

You can wow your friends and neighbors during the holidays and upcycle at the same time with a few well-placed, handmade seasonal accents. Grab some glitter and the hot glue gun and make fanciful gift toppers, custom snow globes, or sparkly ornaments. Light up your night with an ice lantern or Mason jar candleholder. Or craft a set of whimsical pinecone elf ornaments for the tree and potato-stamp gift wrap for the presents under it. You’ll spread the good cheer and have a one-of-a-kind holiday that provides a lifetime of memories.