Being Present Is a Great Way to Give Thanks

Showing #gratitude on #Thanksgiving Day might mean simply being present after two years of pandemic and cancelled plans. Set aside the smartphone and other distractions and get involved in the festivities. Practice mindfulness to keep the holiday stress-free, says, and enjoy the feast without overeating. “If you have a habit of shoveling food into your mouth during meals — whether it’s because you’re in a hurry, chatting with someone during the meal, or letting your mind wander about aimlessly — it may take some effort for you to slow down and notice each bite. But when you do, you will have a much better culinary experience.”

Sharing Gratitude and Goodwill on Thanksgiving

As you prepare your #Thanksgiving feast, etiquette expert Maralee McKee suggests you find ways for you and your guests to offer their gratitude around the table. You may wish to start the meal with an inspirational reading, or offer a (brief) toast before dessert. You can go around the table to get guests’ personal thanks, or create a “gratitude tree” of written comments. To really make the season shine, she says, go beyond simply counting your own blessings and share that goodwill, she says: “Be the person who makes it her job to make sure she’s the bright spot in someone else’s day.” #Thanksgiving

Prices Rise on the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Marketing research firm IRI says that #Thanksgiving meals will cost 13.5% more than they did in 2021, CNN says, even when promotions are taken into account. With supply chain issues and inflationary pressures, food manufacturers have been quick to pass the costs along to consumers. To get the lowest prices, make a list of holiday staples such as butter, flour and eggs, watch when they go on sale, and stock up. Turkey is likely to be the biggest-ticket item on the #holiday menu this year due to the avian flu, but side dishes such as mashed potatoes, yams and green beans are filing and not too costly. #HolidayTips

Get Creative With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Don’t like seeing good food go to waste? As you peruse the online Black Friday deals from your screens, you can also plot out some inventive new ways to incorporate the remaining elements of yesterday’s bacchanale into your meal plan. Try a turkey chili or turkey enchilada, Taste of Home says, or a sweet potato pudding. Delish suggests mashed potato fritters, stuffing waffles or a pumpkin pie milkshake. And there is absolutely nothing at wrong with the classic roast turkey sandwich — with or without a schmear of horseradish cranberry relish or dollop of gravy. #ThanksgivingTips

The Easiest Thanksgiving Feasts

Small #Thanksgiving gatherings are an easy lift even at the last minute if you can adjust expectations. You can cook a turkey breast instead of a whole bird, says Ahead of Tyme, or serve a squash bisque that take minutes to prepare. The point is to feast and celebrate together, so include a few classic, seasonal ingredients on the menu and everyone should be satisfied. And if you want the easiest possible solution, dine out — many chains will be open on Thanksgiving and serving feasts, fancy or frugal. And who wouldn’t enjoy a good pizza? #ThankgivingTips