Declutter Your Outdoor Space

Unseasonably cool weather will give way to warmer temperatures soon, and that means one thing: outdoor living. Get your outdoor space ready for summer by clearing it of the clutter that has gathered there over the winter. Start by throwing away any broken tools, flower pots and garden ornaments, then decide what to do with the stuff that might be repurposed if you only had the time. Patio furniture and containers are good examples, The Spruce says: If you have extra chairs and planters that others might be able to use with a little refurbishing, donate them to so that your trash can be someone’s treasure.

Declutter Your Deck or Patio

Clutter can be just as frustrating and unappealing on a deck or patio, says the Houselogic blog. The solution? Make do-it-yourself bins to organize and hide your stuff. Paint wooden crates a fun color using a waterproof paint and/or sealant, and place them wherever you need storage. Attach casters, and they can be moved alongside the table or grill easily, or serve double-duty as extra seating. “Storage can be as important outdoors as it is indoors,” landscaper Keith Sacks says.

Easy Plantings for the Patio

Your backyard or patio can be a great place to relax and entertain in the warmer months with a few well-placed plantings, a little bit of mood lighting, and a comfortable place to sit. You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow many climbing vines and hardy plants such as Russian sage, according to; you can even use some of the junk you clear out of your closets while spring cleaning creatively as planters and outdoor accents.