Valentine’s Day: It’s the Thought That Counts

On Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. To keep your celebration inexpensive yet heartfelt, Frugalwoods readers suggest tailoring all gifts and observances to their recipients. Outdoorsy types might like to take a hike in the woods; art lovers will enjoy a trip to the museum. Homebodies (and workaholics) might like to take a night off to bake some heart-shaped cookies, order a heart-shaped pizza or cook a special favorite meal. Make your own cards, or simply leave Post-its around the house inscribed with romantic affirmations.

A Valentine’s Date Doesn’t Need to Be Costly

Valentine’s Day deserves a good date night — and you can keep most dates cheap even if your love interest has specific tastes. Esquire suggests visiting a trendy pop-up museum, taking a cooking class, bowling or playing arcade games for “old-school” fun, taking a winter hike (with a tumbler of hot coffee), going to a bar for a karaoke or trivia night, scheduling an indoor rock-climbing session or spa day, and 16 other plans. Whatever you choose, none of the magazine’s ideas should cost more than $100, and all focus on a shared experience rather than material goods.