Ask a Veteran to Tell Their Story

Do you know a veteran or want to get to know one better? This Veterans Day, consider participating in the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, which honors veterans by collecting and archiving their stories. The project welcomes recorded interviews, as well as materials such as letters, photos and diaries from veterans of all U.S. conflicts. You can collect a history easily using the project’s field kit, and once submitted, it will be uploaded to a Library of Congress database and committed to posterity.

Why We Celebrate Labor Day

While undeniably patriotic, Labor Day pays tribute to all of the working men and women who made, and continue to make, the United States what it is today, according to HowStuffWorks. Before it was a national holiday, labor unions designated a day of solidarity each year; those in New York City chose the first Monday in September to celebrate in 1892. Just two years later, President Grover Cleveland — hardly a union man — declared Labor Day a national holiday to make amends for a deadly strikebreaking action he had ordered against the American Railway Union.