Basement Reboot—Keep Your Basement Organized!

Many people focus on rooms guests will see when it comes to keeping their home organized and clutter-free. While this is a great place to start, it’s important to remember that this emphasis may be causing you to neglect the upkeep of other places in your home, such as your basement.

Some people have finished basements that serve as entertainment areas, “man caves, ” bedrooms, or  even playrooms for kids. For others, the basement is primarily a place for storage, and a place for things that we simply don’t know what to do with. Either way, since basements are out of sight, it’s incredibly easy to leave them unorganized.

Shawn Gauthier offers basement organization solutions in her Houzz article, “12 Tips for Supremely Organized Basement Storage.”

Gauthier says the first step in organizing any basement is to go through everything and decide what you need to keep and what can go. As we’ve written about before, clutter tends to be a result of too much stuff. Take this as an opportunity to purge your basement of items you no longer need. If you come across these items, donate them to us! Place your donations in a box, and schedule a donation pick-up time on We’ll even come by and pick them up for you, so you can continue organizing your basement.

Gauthier also recommends that organizers embrace shelving units. Whether it’s floor-to-ceiling cubed shelves that keep like-items together, or an entertainment center that allows you to store a television, DVDs, and books, shelves really make a difference in keeping your basement floor clean and clutter-free.

Another tip we liked of Gauthier’s is to utilize the space underneath your basement staircase. It could be a great place for a coat rack for extra winter coats or fall jackets, or a spot for extra shelving and cabinetry. Even if it’s just a small space, this could be the perfect spot for your child’s toys or play sets.

Take a look at Gauthier’s article, and let us know about your own basement organization secrets!