What Can I Donate?

Unsure of what you can and can’t donate to ClothingDonations.org? We pick up all kinds of clothing, shoes and accessories, in any size and for every age. Other items we pick up and resell to benefit veterans include kitchen and glassware; bedding, draperies and curtains; books, toys and bikes; electronics including stereo equipment and portable TVs; small furniture items and rugs; and more. Just make sure the items are clean and (re-)usable!

Keeping Up With The Clutter

Face it – busy lives lead to clutter. The bigger your family, the more pets, the more visitors, the bigger the mess. It’s not all bad. An active family is a happy family—those visitors, events, and flurries of activity all create memories that will last for lifetimes. The flip side, of course, is that sometimes things just get out of hand. What to do? Get your arms around the clutter by establishing some simple steps to help your home stay clutter-free, even in the midst of a myriad of family and friends.

For example:

  • Family rules. Set up rules for your family and require everyone to follow them. For instance, when you use a glass, plate or utensils, you rinse them and put them in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with them. No leaving these things lying around the house on tables in various rooms.
  • Clean as you go. If you take care of cleaning up on a regular basis, the clutter won’t pile up. Make it easy by storing cleaning cloths and products near where messes are made—e.g. in the bathroom.
  • A place for everything and everything in its place. It’s an old saying, but a practical one. When you use something put it away where it belongs. Not only will this relieve clutter, but it can help you avoid lost items as well.
  • Don’t need/want an item anymore? Donate it to us! Keep boxes and bins handy (and tucked away in closets) where you can put items you no longer need or want. When the box is filled, contact us and we’ll come and take it off your hands. Your donations go to help our veterans!

Still feeling like you just can’t keep up with the clutter that seems to magically emerge around you? Here’s some advice from Real Simple about how to avoid “The Top 6 Excuses for Clutter.” Which of these do you fall prey to?

Do you have additional tips that have helped you and your family keep your active home clutter-free? Share them here!

Donations That Go A Long Way

Don’t want the hassle of a garage sale this season? This is still a great time to go through each room to find items you no longer need or want. If they’re gently used, don’t throw them out 一 donate them to us! ClothingDonations.org takes a variety of donations, including clothes, shoes, kitchenware, cooking utensils, books, and movies. Your donations help fund our veterans programs. Learn more about our donation services here.