Simple Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you have a Halloween party coming up and are at a loss for a costume, Living on the Cheap offers 101+ Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes you can assemble using thrift-store finds and a little creativity. You can’t go wrong with scary classics such as ghost, vampire and mummy, or you can opt for instantly recognizable pop culture characters such as a Minion or Ghostbuster. Whatever the costume, shopping at a thrift supplied by donations to helps fund essential veterans programs nationwide.

Thrift Your Look for Halloween

Thrift stores are a “goldmine” for Halloween costumes, the Gurl blog says. Many are a treasure trove of clothing from bygone eras, meaning that finding your inner flower child or going grunge won’t cost a fortune. Better still, you can amp up the gore by smearing those finds with fake blood, and never worry about ruining something you’ll want to wear again! The blog suggests 15 thriftastically creative costume ideas for women, including Carrie, Disco Diva and Eleven from Stranger Things.

Build a Thrifty Halloween Costume

For the do-it-yourselfer, there is no better place to source a Halloween costume than the local thrift store, says Parade magazine. Combine clothing you already have with thrifted items such as a wig and tiara to transform your toddler into a princess, it says. Or buy a lightly-used puffy shirt at the thrift, add a bandana, eyepatch and toy sword, and (poof!) you’re a pirate. Goodwill Industries even offers a complete costume generator that can help build a weird, wild or scary costume from a variety of thrift-store finds.