Get Vaccinated If You Haven’t Already

More than 70% of eligible adults in the U.S. have had at least one dose of a #coronavirus #vaccine as of this week. Widespread misinformation forestalled President Biden’s July 4th target, but with the highly contagious #Delta variant causing upticks in infections, now is the time to get vaccinated if you haven’t already. “Vaccination will protect you from the Delta variant and others including the Alpha variant, and in the end, is our best way out of the pandemic,” says Dr. Randy Olsen.

Mask Up for Travel and Crowds, Experts Say

As #coronavirus infections started to slow this spring, more people started traveling and attending in-person events such as outdoor concerts. With the #Delta variant causing viral hotspots nationwide, experts told CNBC, the best protection is to get vaccinated. But you should also “mask up” in any situation where you must be in close proximity to others and especially in a confined space. If you attend a big festival or travel, the safest strategy is to quarantine from immune-compromised or elderly relatives and friends and monitor yourself for COVID symptoms for 10–14 days.